Choose the best remedy for moths

    Mole and to this day appears in the cabinets, but the measures to combat this pest have changed – no longer need to ride themselves and creatures with naphthalene odor. Today the market represents a huge number of different effective funds from moths, pleasantly smelling. In this article we will help you choose for each case the most suitable option (aerosol, sachet, tablets) preservation of cereals and clothes from eating harmful insects.

    Overview of best aerosol

    Aerosol is the most effective solution to the problems arising from the appearance of molia in the apartment or in the house. Spray are powered everywhere where there may be larvae of a malicious insect. They are treated:

    • cabinets (with internal and outer side);
    • other furniture, including soft;
    • the clothes itself;
    • Other places.

    The effect of such struggle is lightning, only it is necessary to take into account that insecticides are included in aerosols, so ventilating is an important part of such a “struggle”. In compliance with the instructions for use, these funds will not harm people, only allergies need to be careful with their use.

    Consider the most popular sprays against moths.

    • “Taiga Antimol”. Aerosol is used as a means of dealing with moth and as the prevention of this attack. Spray works destructively on large individuals and their larvae, they are treated with cabinets to protect clothes from eating insects. Produced by a volume of 145 mm, but at the price not all suits, there are similar means and cheaper.
    • “Argus”. It has a very pleasant smell, practically not toxic and destroys not only mole, but also the leisers who also deliver a lot of hassle. Acts both on the insects themselves and their larvae. Buyers rated this spray due to high efficiency, pleasant smell and low cost. However, the last indicator is later crossed by the fact that the agent is produced in 100-millilitone places, and one is clearly not enough even for one processing. You have to buy several minutes, which is not so cheap.
    • “Arch”. According to customer estimates, inexpensive, but no less effective means than those worthy. Initially comes with a sharp smell, but after leaves a pleasant lavender loop in the house. Provides reliability of things from eating moths to six months. In addition to the items themselves and their locations, to handle “Armolam” should all cracks in the house and other favorite places of insects for laying larvae.
    • Dr. Klaus. Reviews about this spray only positive: produced in a large volume, implemented at an affordable price. One cannon is quite enough for the processing of a large room with a continuous effect. Aerosol without a sharp smell, with pawandov notes, there are no stains on clothes, safe for humans.
    • “Raptor”. The popular manufacturer included permethrin and tetramethrin against the pray against moths, causing instant death of insects and their larvae, not toxic for humans and pets.

    Spray quickly dishes, leaving a pleasant lemon smell.

    In the absence of time for full processing of the house from moths, you can do the local use of dry funds in the cabinets. The easiest way is to put a trap or a plate against larvae and adult moles. There are special pads that will help keep coats from damage. When insects are not so much, it will help in the fight against them, apply these means and as prevention. Denote the rating of the best means of this type.


    The well-known manufacturer offers to decompose the pads in the cabinet on the shelves and the drawers. In one package of 18 tablets (smelling green tea, and not familiar lavender smell, like other pads) – they are enough for one processing. Affect not only mole, but also on other insects, including flies. RAID in tablets can be used in preventive purposes.

    Despite the high cost, this dry remedy is a good demand for buyers.

    “Clean house”

    Fragravized balls perfectly scare the mole with their naphthalene odor, but a pleasant flower flavor is more felt for people. Contains insecticide. It is enough to decompose several balls for one section. Grabs for a long period, as sold by packaging, in which there are many balls.

    True, it is better to replace the balls in a month, and not every three, as the manufacturer indicates.


    In the fabric bag there are dried lavender flowers – This is 100% natural, so suitable only only in preventive purposes. If the mole has already started, this means can not be saved, it does not kill adult individuals, only scares away.

    The preventive effect will have a maximum of 3-4 months, after the smell weakens.


    Will help in the fight against mol Fumigators. This is a special unit with liquid or with a place to insert a plate, from which the smell of an insecticide killing mole is distributed when heated. The action starts 10-15 minutes after heating.

    Liquids in electrical fluids enough for a month, and the action of one plate is limited by one application. The kit is usually designed for action not only moths, but also mosquitoes, flies. The device has simultaneous protection and prophylaxis immediately from several insects.

    Special chalks also help get rid of pray in the house. For the price, this is a very affordable means, the maximum efficiency has proved on the area of ​​30 kV. M. Duration of shame – a month and a half. It is better to apply where insects have not yet managed to spread.

    When working with a shallow Wear gloves, Swipe in places of cluster moth, drawing stripes 3 centimeters wide. The most popular funds from this series are chalks “house” and “Masha”.

    Do not cause allergic reactions in humans.

    Moth traps on glue Used as auxiliary tool to the main struggle. Appropriately place them where mole flies everywhere. A special glue with the attractant is applied to the cardboard plate, which attracts pests on the sticky basis.

    Do not worry that the tool is poisonous for people and pets, it acts only on insects. Glue traps can safely be used in the kitchen, they do not exude an unpleasant odor, do not contain poison and carcinogens.

    Adhesive base – It is rubber and vegetable resin. Mole also dies under ultraviolet rays, so that in the invasion of unexpected guests, turn on the quartz lamp. In the summer, open the curtains and allow the sunshine directly to penetrate the room where the mole started.

    Under the influence of solar energy, the coagulation process of the moth protein occurs – in such conditions there is enough one hour, so that the eggs of insects become unsuitable for the reproduction of offspring.

    With a strong heat, this happens before, in an hour.

    Often people resort to folk remedies In the fight against mol. To prevent insects in the croups, more often do revision in the cabinets and check the presence of larvae. When any hints are detected on the mole immediately throw away the residues of the croup and start disinfection of lockers solution of economic soap.

    This homemade means gained popularity among the hosts because of its simple and availability. After processing the shelves wipe, the cereals can be delolding in the oven or take out to the frost. The main enemies of moths are cold and heat.

    Mol also does not tolerate Smell citrus, But do not rush everywhere to put whole lemons and oranges. Skirts are suitable or dried zest. In the first case, spread orange cleaning on the shelves, and in the second – lay the zest in the linen bag and leave it somewhere in the corner.

    From this smell in the cabinet with croups will be. But where clothes are stored, put a bag with dry tobacco – it will also scare the pest.

    Who does not tolerate tobacco smell, can take a bunch of lavender or twigs of peppermint.

    Screking effect on mole Pijma, wormwood, chestnut walnut, pour against moths also fir and fir branches, chamomile, marigold flowers. All these plants decompose in the wardrobe, where fur and other products are stored. The smell is frightened by lovers to eat things.

    To make extra garbage from behind the grass, it is better to grind it and decompose into the bags. If it is possible, stock lavender essential oils, citrus and moisten just a cotton tampon. Fresh geranium leaf will also scare away mole.

    But the pharmacy chamomile not only will scare the adult individual, but also caterpillars (larvae), which are not less spoiled things than their “parents”. The secret of this medicinal product is that it contains natural permethrin, deadly on larvae.

    Therefore, it is enough to simply move the clothes with a crushed chamomile and leave for some time to get rid of pests.

    Folk remedies in the fight against mole turn out to be the same effective as industrial specimens.

    Tips for choosing

    Experts give a number of advice to those who have to decide on the choice of means to combat the moth.

    1. First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of buying. Syloponcentrated products with toxic substances will help from the rapid deliverance of insects. If prevention is needed, use natural safe compositions or folk remedies.
    2. If there are allergies or people with increased sensitivity in the family, carefully read information on a canister or packaging and pay attention to the composition. Choose anti-allergenic protection tools.
    3. Do not always pay attention to the low cost. Better pay attention to the volume so that then processing does not come out much more expensive. Some manufacturers are deliberately chitryat, releasing a cheap product in small doses, and when processing it turns out that one bottle or packaging is not enough.
    4. Aerosol buy better in a large cylinder, as it will be necessary to thoroughly spray it in all insect habitats.
    5. Let it initially not frighten the sharp smell (often unpleasant) insecticide, After some time, it will change, for example, on a lavender or citrus.
    6. Pay attention to the properties of aerosols, After processing, some, you will not need to ventilate the room, which will save you from unnecessary actions.
    7. Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life. Use them after the expiration of this period may not bring you any result. Do not throw out money nowhere.

    Finally, it is necessary to clearly understand that there are means for rapid deliverance from pests, and there are substances intended for prevention (insect scare). In the first case, take household insecticides, in the second you can do and home or industrial, intended for preventive measures.

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