Choose a diesel generator for giving

Diesel generators for giving are chosen in cases where it is necessary to ensure the heating of the room in the absence of power supply or other alternative heat sources. What is better suitable for what to pay attention to when buying such equipment is worth learn more even before shopping. After all, there are household models on sale today on a diesel engine 5, 8 kW and other power with low fuel consumption, as well as options suitable for short-term or permanent use.


The diesel generator for the cottage is a compact energy source receiving it when combustion of liquid fuel. Its installation in a country house allows you to easily survive the periods of turning off electricity. Construction of aggregate includes from the reference element – frame, engine operating on the diesel, the alternator necessary for energy conversion.

Ungregates independent of power supply differ simplicity to use, reliable, allow for the supply of electricity to a temporary or constant scheme.

The choice of DT as fuel is much more rational than the use of gasoline. It is cheaper, provides opportunities for work in different modes, does not require complex maintenance. Household models usually have a power of 5 to 15 kW, differ in low weight and compact sizes. They produce a current with a voltage of 210-230 V, sufficient for stable operation of most electrical appliances.


All diesel generators are divided into Household and industrial. The first produce single-phase current, can provide long and stable operation without interruptions. Industrial models are much more powerful, provide voltage supply at 380 V. They are truly powerful, suitable for constant electricity supply to private homes.

The process of their work is maximally automated, the equipment works quite quiet due to the built-in noise reduction systems.

Most three-phase diesel generators have power from 5 kW. If the power consumption is high, you can choose options from 8 kW, with which you can work in the workshop using powerful machines. All diesel generators can be called low fuel consumption techniques – they spend 1.5-2 times less than gasoline analogs, about 200 ml per 1 kW.

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Compact low-power models are highlighted in a separate category. AGU – autonomous generator sets. They have power no more than 5 kW, air type cooling type. Such models are equipped with motors with a frequency of 1500 to 3000 rpm. Options with the smallest indicators are suitable for constant and long exploitation. High-speed diesel engines for 3000. / min calculated for periodic use.

In addition, equipment is divided into 2 categories, according to the type of engine.

  1. Asynchronous. It implies a faster rotation of the rotor relative to the stator, while it is directed to the same side. Such engine design implies a smaller volume of voltage leaks, requires a capacitor. In the conditions of extreme overloads, such an equipment is less reliable.
  2. Synchronous. Rotation of the rotor and stator in such diesel engines occurs with the same frequency. Synchronous type generators are more stable in operation, ensure that the optimal output voltage parameters are saved. These can be connected to powerful machines, welding inverters. Synchronous models better tolerate overloads are suitable for permanent operation.

It is worth noting that even low-power diesel generators for the country house cost quite expensive – to spend from 40,000 to 100,000 rubles. In further operation, these costs will pay off. Especially if the generator is the only source of power supply.

The best diesel generators for the country house are produced by leading world manufacturers. Such technique is reliable, it does not arise with its service. Among the actual models in different categories of power should pay attention to such.

  • DDE DDG3300E. Compact model of a diesel generator with which short-term power interruptions will not create problems. The capacity of 3.3 kW is enough to maintain the operation of the electric stove, TV, refrigeration unit. Electronic motor start, any person can cope with control. The model is very economical, consumes a little more than 1 liter of fuel per hour, capable of working up to 10 hours on 1 refueling.
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  • Hyundai DHY-6000 SE. Diesel generator from the famous Korean manufacturer – “Golden Mid” for the price and quality. His capacity of 5.5 kW is enough for successful seasonal accommodation in the country house. With a full refueling of the tank in 17 liters, the model is capable of working up to 9 hours non-stop. The model has a wheelbase, modern execution, a comfortable control panel, a soundproofing casing, but you will not call it compact.

  • Mitsu Power Eco ZM7000-DE. Japanese production unit with air-cooled and output power up to 6 kW is suitable for cottages with constant people’s stay. The model has a solid frame, large transport wheels. The equipment is equipped with a copper alternator capable of providing stable uninterrupted operation without peak overloads.

  • DAEWOO POWER PRODUCTS DDAE 10000DSE-3. Powerful diesel generator to complete all the needs of the country house and the workshop in electricity. The built-in selector allows you to switch between single-phase and three-phase current supply, the equipment is able to produce up to 7.2 kW, while it works almost silently.

Selection criteria

To understand what a diesel generator is best for giving, helps a detailed consideration of all the most important criteria. These include such.

  1. Power consumption. On average, the diesel generator operates by 40-75% of the specified nominal power. For example, a 5 kW model will produce no more than 3 kW. With too low load, the equipment consumes the fuel “inhabitant”, with high DPD falls. Before buying, it is worth calculating the approximate volumes of the upcoming energy consumption, determine the optimal power.
  2. Fuel consumption. The norm is considered to be up to 200 ml for the production of 1 kW.
  3. Ergonomic and Corps Compactness. The device must be convenient to install, transport.
  4. Noise insulation. Without it, the diesel generator will work in the country, making too loud sounds – over 75 dB.
  5. ECOPE safety. The less harmful emissions to the atmosphere, the better.
  6. Engine cooling method. For short-term operation, models with air system. For constant electricity supply, variants with liquid engine cooling are better.
  7. Availability of automation. It is required for three-phase machinery and models used for continuous continuous operation. Even the simplest diesel generator must have overheating protection sensors to avoid fire.
  8. Duration of continuous work. For giving there will be enough equipment designed for 12 hours of non-stop exploitation.
  9. Volume of fuel tank. For long use, models are suitable with indicators from 8-10 liters. A small tank volume will require regular refueling.
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Considering all these moments, you can find an inexpensive and reliable diesel generator capable of providing periodic or constant energy supply in the country house.

Tips for choosing a diesel generator for giving told in the following video.

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