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Chimney cleaning powders are one of the most affordable, easy-to-use soot removes, carbon black in chimneys. They have a special composition capable of splitting such layers without mechanical contact, human participation. Having examined the tips on the choice, having considered all the features, you can find the most efficient soot remover for furnaces among the options.


Chimney cleaning powder is a fine variation of chemical means capable of combustion to react with heat sources. Some types of such blends can be used in everyday life, others are intended for industrial furnaces. Chemicals help to reduce the frequency of mechanical cleansing, allow maintenance of ceramic and stainless steel chimneys in normal state.

It is important to understand that any powdered means only provide prevention. With abundant car without mechanical cleaning can not do.

Moreover, Casting deposits can clog the chimney, demanding the adoption of radical measures. Among the advantages of chemical cleaning, you can mark the softening of soot and inside other parts of the furnace, where it is quite difficult to remove in other ways.


Find the most efficient seal remover to clean the furnaces in the powder, only carefully studied all products presented in the market. The composition of such chemicals usually includes substances, in the process of burning, gas excreasing in the atmosphere. They split the Nagar, peeling even perennial deposits. You can allocate several of the most popular products of industrial production.

  • Fulled “Pediffs”. The remedy in the briquette for periodically uses in the furnace of the furnaces, by volume approximately equal to the split rash of firewood. The composition of the coal wax, phosphorus oxide and ammonium sulfate is present. The combustion of the funds takes about 90 minutes. For 1 download to the furnace lay 2 briquettes.

  • PKH. Powder in paper packs added to fuel when burning in proportion of 200 g per 1 ton. Pack before use do not print. An antipagar chemical composition can be applied and autonomously, but with mandatory observance of precautions.

  • Kominicek. Powdered Tool for Nagar Education Prevention. Composition of chemicals is effective only against deposits to a thickness of up to 2 mm. Czech manufacturer supplies goods in packs containing 5 bags of substance based on copper chloride. The tool is designed for 3 months of prophylaxis, applied with a certain frequency.

  • Hansa. Professional preparation with crystal structure. It is suitable for furnaces, which use fuel, richly released resin and condensate. The tool is placed in the already melted, well warmed furnace. At the beginning of the season, the composition is used daily, then periodically, in preventive purposes.

Domestic powder substances for chimneys are not always purchased under special marking. In some cases, naphthalene is used for these purposes. Powder in the briquette position over firewood. Then the furnace is drowned as usual.

Soot in the chimney is stratified, falls into the furnace, burns, but the strong smell allocated at the same time requires careful ventilation.

Analogue of industrial powders is a mixture that can be cooked independently. It is called “blue” due to the color of the composition. Among its ingredients:

  • Medium-complete coke – 2 parts;

  • Copper vigor – 5 pieces;

  • Seliver – 7 pieces.

All these ingredients are mixed, burned in the furnace together with firewood. Bulky shade composition acquires due to the presence among the ingredients of copper sulphate. Of course, it is necessary to use independently cooked chemicals with great caution, thoroughly airing the room.

How to choose?

When searching for a better powdered composition for cleaning chimneys, it is important to pay attention to a number of factors. If the remedy is used in the residential room, it is important to take formulations that do not distinguish a strong unpleasant odor. And also have to take into account a number of moments.

  1. The degree of pollution. For flue pipes, powdered granulated mixtures containing combustion catalysts and elements that split resinous substances are more suitable. If the pollution is minor, powders are suitable with prophylactic action.

  2. Type of chimney. Chemicals in the form of lane or briquettes work best on ceramic and steel stainless materials. Brick chimney need more thorough care, without combined cleaning here can not do.

  3. Complexity of application. Some powders for cleaning are supposed to load in cold furnace, others are laid only in red-hot. If you use the means to be elderly or inexperienced, it is worth choosing the simplest options.

And also, when selecting the composition, it will be useful to pay attention to the number and volume of the mixture in the package. More economical and more profitable to acquire those options that can be used repeatedly, dosing them to gradually.

Here the most economical will be crystalline granulated powder, 500 g of which is enough for 30 applications. There is such a brand hansa. Called “Pediffle” or Kominicek is suitable for furnaces used from time to time, as a one-time tool for fighting soot and nagar.

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