Cement mortar – Proper proportions

The proportions for the preparation of a cement solution depend on how the qualities will have a solution.

Despite the possible variety, usually use standard relations prescribed in regulatory documents. So the most common proportion is one piece of cement to three sand parts. At the same time, it is not necessary to forget that gravel or crushed stone are also added to such mixtures, and sometimes special additives affecting specifications.

And now we will consider how the ratio of sand and cement should be for different types of structures.

Floor screed

In this case, first of all you need to focus on the estimated load, which will be on the floor. It is from her that the requirements for strength and stability of concrete will depend.

Most often in such cases, cement M150-200.

  • If we use Portland cement M500, then the proportion of cement to the sand will be 1: 3. As a result, we can get concrete M200.
  • If you take cement with a lower brand, for example, PC400, then with the same ratio will eventually come out concrete M150.
  • But if the ratio will be 1: 2, then M200.

It can be concluded that the more high-quality cement we use, the more sand can be added to the solution. The quality of the solution itself does not suffer from this. The main thing is not to forget that Cement M500 has a very short time preserves the exception of its qualities.

Read more in our article, how much cement is needed on cube concrete.

If the coating is made for non-residential premises, it is better to make a stronger solution, because there the load will be more substantial.


In this case, the ratio of cement and sand is from 1: 3 to 1: 6. Proportions are calculated depending on the cement brand. In some cases, sand can be replaced by a lime solution. Foundation

For the foundation also most often use the ratio of 1: 3. But in this case, the crushed stone will be present, therefore, in general, the proportion can be designated as 1: 3: 5.

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