Castle style project: Examples of interiors

    All romance in the soul dream of our own castle in nature. In fact, this dream is not so impossible, as it seems, at first glance. And if you are planning to build a private house, it is quite possible to replace standard planning by an unusual project of a medieval castle house. How to realize this little dream of life, you will learn from this article.

    Features of buildings in lock style

    Such original homes recognizable at first sight. Even if you take only part of the concept or change something in the layout, your little castle will still attract attention. This is the main feature of such buildings.

    Most often, buildings in the castle style allocates their massive. Like real medieval castles, buildings, stylized under them, are always found.

    Massive stone walls, the lack of small decorative elements – this is what is characteristic not only for real locks, but also for stylized cottages.

    Such a house immediately impresses a solid structure in which it can live calmly not one generation of your family. Otherwise, the design, and its exterior decoration depends on the preferences of the owners of the house.

    House-lock can strive up up with gothic spiers and narrow windows, or, on the contrary, stand firmly on earth.

    Stylistic features

    On the directions of the castle style you need to talk separately. In general, there are several main: Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Classicism. Let’s consider the most popular styles and their features.


    The most rigorous and in some way limited style – classicism. The strict shapes of the walls and the decoration of someone are attracted by their ascetic restraint, and someone, on the contrary, repel such simplicity.

    Classicism is a direction for those who do not like unnecessary delights and enjoys the ability to live in a strong, although not the most simple home.


    In Europe, it is the Gothic Style left the largest mark in architecture. Gothic locks can be found in almost all European countries. This direction is easy to find out. Its distinguishes high spiers, sharp turrets and walls that go far. Windows in such castles shine beautiful stained glass windows, shimmering with different colors in the sun.

    Castles in the Gothic style look quite gloomy, but at the same time a look is constantly attracted.

    If you want to build a country house in the style of the Gothic Castle, he will definitely not leave anyone out of your neighbors indifferent. Use high walls to maintain your personal life secret. And the walls can safely decorate decorative finish in the form of exquisite frontones or small turrets with sharp spiers.


    This style branch classicism left a noticeable trail in Russia. It is in this style that Mikhailovsky Castle was performed in St. Petersburg, for example. This is a luxurious palace, surrounded by water from all sides. If you want to build a cottage in the form of such a castle, then it is not necessary to surround it with a moat – it is enough to simply add strict stone walls with beautifully decorated door and window openings, decorated turrets, figures and sculptures.


    Those who like simplicity, it is also worth paying attention to such a direction like Renaissance. The cottage, decorated in this style, not only looks stylish and unusual, but also has a special practicality, because inside such a room everything is rationally divided into separate zones.

    Rooms in such a cottage mostly square. Most often, inside is the same square and neatly decorated inner courtyard. It can be quite small or more and augmented beautiful open arcades.


    And those who appreciate luxury, exactly like the castle made in the style of Baroque. Like all things and buildings in this style, it is highlighted by a special person.

    Country house in the style of such a luxurious castle attracts attention to the gilding, twisted collens, unusual sculptures and other attractive elements of the decor.

    As you can see, there are many directions that can inspire you to create a miniature of a luxurious royal castle on its site.

    Interior decoration

    The house decorated in the castle style should be thought out to the smallest detail not only during construction, but also when designing rooms and a plot. Now modern technologies can be combined with designer ideas that inspired architects from past centuries.

    First of all, the desired atmosphere will help to set the design of the walls, gender and ceiling. The optimal option is an unprocessed stone. There are several options here. For example, you can simply use a rock laying and not to cover it with paint or any other decorative coatings. The real stone will look best, and over the years your cottage will become only more beautiful.

    Another option is the use of decorative surfaces stylized under stone. This coating option will cost cheaper, but also with increased strength will not please you.

    You can also do with simple positive walls. Light plaster looks attractive and simply enough, which is suitable for cottages in classicism style, for example.

    Decorate the vintage interior will help and correctly selected furniture. To recreate an old atmosphere, it is recommended to use either antique furniture, or things stylized for antiques.

    Beautiful tables and chairs, decorated with decoupage technique.

    In the house in the castle style there will be a place for a variety of products from textiles ranging from simple carpets and ending with luxurious skins from artificial or natural fur or tapestries.

    Also, massive pictures on the walls will be alike. It is not necessary to be the original works, it is enough to find small beautiful paintings, buy copper or gold-plated frames and the rooms of your cottage will be transformed.

    You can also pick up the other appropriate style decor – chests, figurines, bookcases, sophisticated candlesticks and other little things.

    The interior of your cozy mini-castle interior arches, decorated stucco doorways and exquisite natural wood beams located directly under the ceiling.

    If you are tired of simple frame houses and want to build something really unique and impressive at first sight, then the room in the castle style you will accurately impress. If you have some kind of construction skills, you can independently prepare a project or at least its workpiece. Otherwise, it is better to turn to firms that are professionally engaged in.

    In this case, you will receive a luxurious castle stylized under Middle Ages. It will be the true decoration of your site, regardless of which direction you choose for yourself.

    In the next video you can see an example of a country house project in the form of a castle.

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