Candles from mosquitoes

To prevent the attack of bloodsowing insects, repellent means of different types are used. One of them is candles from mosquitoes. We will tell about the principle of action of this product, about the main active ingredients in its composition and features of application.

Operating principle

In the candles from mosquitoes and mosquitoes include such components that possess repellent, that is, by scaring insects, action. During the burning of the mosquito candle, these substances are released and enter the air.

Insects against which the candles are directed, do not approach the source of the smell. Accordingly, people in the radius of the action of the repellent do not suffer from mosquito bites, mosquitoes and midges.

Components, releasing flying insects, serve natural essential oils of some plants.

One of the most common repellents is the Citronella Oil, which is used in such an important time since. Motherland Tsitronella – Southeast Asia.


Candles from mosquitoes (also anti-mosquito) differ in several parameters:

  • Repellent type;
  • combustion time;
  • radius of action;
  • Terms of use – indoors or outdoors;
  • Design and volume of candle capacity (bank with lid, sleeve, pot, bucket with or without handle, “Watering”, glass).

Most often as repellent serve essential oils:

  • Qitronella,
  • fir,
  • Nail tree.

Little tea candles with citronella aroma provide protection against mosquitoes up to three hours. Large candles in a metal jar with a lid have a burning time to 15-20 or even up to 35-40 hours.

Such repellent products are two types. Some of them are intended for use only in the open air, others can be used in conditions of a well-ventilated room of a certain area, which the manufacturer informs the instructions for the product.

The radius of the action of the repellent outdoors, in the open space, can be up to 3 meters. Products, flavored by natural essential oils, should be used with caution to people prone to allergic reactions.

Review manufacturers

Aromasvetsi from mosquitoes are presented in stores in a wide enough assortment. List some brands of this product.


The Gardex Family repellent candle can also be used to illuminate space in the evening, and to scare insects – this product contains citronella oil.

Repellent can be used both in the outdoors and in a good ventilated room with a volume of 25 cubes. M. Radius of action – 3 m. Burning time – up to 20 hours. Candle is placed in a metal jar with a lid.

Argus Garden

Relieved tea candles with Citronella Oil Argus Garden are sold with a set of 9 pieces, such a candle gives protection against mosquitoes for a while up to three hours. Can also be used outdoors and indoors.

Candle Argus Garden in a metal jar is designed for burning up to 15 hours.

Nadzor Botanic

Anti-mosquito Candle with Nadzor Botanic Citronella Essential Candle is designed to use outdoors, including lighting. Radius of action – up to 2 m. The time for which the candle is roasted – up to 3 hours. Candle is placed in a metal form.

Super Bat

Citronella oil flavored SUPER BAT candle is available in a metal jar with a lid. Product burning time – 35 hours. Mosquito protection in the open air – up to 3 kV. m and indoors – 25 kV. M.

Also, under the brand SUPER BAT, sets of three candles are sold, each of which is designed for 12 hours of burning. The set is completed with the stand.


Paraffin candle is available in a metal jar, the product is designed for 40 hours of burning and contains citronella oil. Also on sale there are sets of Chameleon of six tea candles with citronella aroma.

Boyscout Help

Under the BOYSCOUT HELP brand, street candles are sold in metal forms, designed for 4 and 7 hours of burning, as well as sets of six small tea candles and sets of outdoor candles on canes.

All products have the aroma of citronella.


This product has fragrance fir. Designed to use outdoors, can be used for street lighting. A mixture of paraffin with an inwardness of a stipple in a tin cylindrical can.


The Belgian brand SPAAS also produces garden aromasters with cytronella oil, which provides a repellious effect. Product burning time – 9 hours. Paraffin placed in a large ceramic bowl with a diameter of 17.5 cm.

Mi & Ko

The citronella aromasvet from the Russian brand MI & KO is made on the basis of soy wax with the addition of Citronella and Geranium oils.


Citronella candle from the Russian brand Siberina is made of vegetable wax and contains essential citronella oil.

In addition, Siberina releases repellent candles with lavender and rosemary essential oils. Wax flooded into a glass jar with a cap.

Aroma Harmony

Under the brand name, Aroma Harmony sells several types of repellent aromasons:

  • “Lavender”;
  • “Rose and Ladan”;
  • “Lime and Ginger”.

Repellents are produced in tin cans or in glass cups.


NPO “Garant” produces aromatic repellent candles with natural essential oils:

  • Juniper,
  • Carnations,
  • Qitronella.

The range of aromases – 1-2 m, the combustion time – from 4 to 12 hours.

Designed for outdoor use. Are located in a core candlestick.


When this repellent product is selected, it is necessary to focus on the conditions for its use, which are indicated in the instructions for the product. If the candle is intended only for street lighting, it should be applied precisely in open space, To use inside the house, such a repellent should not be purchased. Candles for the street usually have a large volume. To scare insects in the premises, you need to choose candles that are intended for these purposes.

The choice of fragrances in such means from insects is small, mostly all of them contain citronella oil, However, you can find goods with the addition of geranium oil or with fir aroma and even with lavender and rosemary.

Features of application

    To use such repellent means with caution, considering the fact that in this case you have to deal with open fire. It is necessary to adhere to all the rules that usually need to be observed when handling conventional economic candles:

    • Aromasvechech should be placed on a stable smooth surface of non-combustible material;
    • Candle should stand strictly vertically;
    • It is necessary to ensure that there are no objects from flammable and combustible materials nearby;
    • When using such a replicate indoors, a good ventilation of the room should be ensured;
    • Do not use a candle on draft, do not put the open window or next to the fan;
    • The product should not be used in the intolerance to essential oils;
    • lit candle can not be left unattended.

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