Brick production “Lego” for yourself and a business idea

Currently, construction volumes are rapidly increasing in all sectors of the economy. As a result, the demand for building materials remains high. Currently gaining popularity brick “Lego”.

As practice shows, it has recently began to enjoy great demand from buyers. While this niche has many manufacturers, it is possible to open its enterprise for its production. This direction is very promising. Competently by planning your future activities, you can easily take your niche in the construction market.


First, you need to legalize your activities or, in other words, register a business.

Any type of activity, even business at home, must be documented registered.

Manufactured products you can sell both individuals and legal. In the latter case, without registration it is impossible.

For small production, the form of registration of IP or LLC will fit. IP is a simpler form. Find out what permissions are needed for production and quality certificates.


The second step will be the search for the room for the future workshop. If you do not have your own area, you can rent it.

If a large production is not planned, then a single machine is enough, which occupies an area of ​​about 1m2. Therefore, there will be enough room. Even garage is suitable.

An important factor in the choice of premises is the presence of electricity and water supply.

In addition to the production room, it is necessary to place the place that will be the warehouse of your products.


Next, a stage of implementing a business project, which must be formed by the material base, which is represented by one machine and matrices.

Come to the selection of the machine carefully, you can purchase both electric and manual machine.

All necessary equipment without problems can be found on the Internet, where there is a fairly large selection, so everyone can choose a suitable machine for its volume of activity.

Equipment is domestic and foreign production, and varies in quality, functionality and cost.

For a variety of assortment, you should purchase additional matrices.

Lego Brick Types And what is worth paying attention to the production was considered by us in another article.


Also during production it is impossible to do without raw materials.

It is quite suitable:

  • Different waste from crushing limestone breeds,
  • sand or even volcanic dust,
  • cement.

Purchase painting pigment.

Better quality can be achieved using raw materials of small fractions. It is better to find reliable suppliers of raw materials in advance and find favorable terms of cooperation. Depending on the proportions and the combination of ingredients, you can get different types of bricks.

Approximate proportions, as well as many other useful information on the brick “Lego” you can read in this article.

Work force

The number of hired people depends on the scale of your business.

For uninterrupted work, you need several workers producing bricks. Registered business requires an accountant. And, of course, there will be no superfluous person who can manage your staff and control the quality of products.

Determine the appearance of bricks and buy a matrix

Choose the matrix follows the parameter of the form of the building material you want to get.

You should evaluate the market niche and identify the most popular types of bricks.

The most popular are bricks with standard sizes. So it is beneficial that they prevailed in your work.

Brick “Lego” are used mainly for masonry facing or building walls.

There are specialized matrices that make it possible to obtain half of the standard brick, which is relevant to form the angles of the object under construction.


The production of brick “Lego” includes the following steps:

  1. Loading the required amount of raw materials;
  2. Grinding raw materials to small fractions, mixing it;
  3. The formation of lego bricks with the help of special matrices;
  4. Steaming.

The production process is shown in the following figure.

To present this process in more detail, see the following video.

Sale and sales

This type of bricks is in demand in the private and public sector. If you intend to create a business on the production of Lego-bricks, then work channel channels very carefully, analyze the prices of competitors and make your business plan.

Sales channels:

  • Selling manufactured goods are possible through the Internet, as well as creating its own store.
  • Try to promote your goods in the store that specializes in the sale of building materials. Only prepare a presentation in advance that will convince the management of the store in the fact that it will be profitable to sell your lego brick.
  • You can also directly sell a brick building firms.
  • The most difficult thing is to create your own trading point. But in this case, it will not be superfluous to create a whole demonstration hall.
  • An excellent option can be working under the order.

Developing your business, you can expand its production: increasing customer database, buying equipment and increasing production of goods.

Brick “Lego” – the product is quite new in the market of building materials, so it would be well demonstrate the brick “Lego” in the case. To do this show customers work examples. To do this, you can create a whole demonstration hall.

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