Brick brand with her hands

Brick brand – Special roaster for cooking kebabs built of bricks. A solid brick brand is often more functional and used as a grill and a barbecue, it is often served on it and other dishes are prepared, even just warmed up food. This is also an interesting art object in the country site. Around such a facility I am pleased to gather a big company.

How to choose a place?

  • Do not forget that this building is an object of increased fire hazard. It should not be located near the house, wooden and other flammable economic buildings.
  • Building should not be too far from the rest. Ideal option – near the gazebo or not far from the summer kitchen. You can put a wide canopy, which not only protects the brain of bricks from precipitation, but also pair of benches and table.
  • Be sure to arrange the site. Nearby should not be flowerbeds or beds, since the grass from high temperature will simply come together. You should consider a convenient approach, and better several. Nearby should not be located toilet and garbage containers.
  • If the wind is constantly blowing in one direction, make sure that the smoke does not fall into the windows of residential buildings.

What is needed for construction?

Best Material for Construction – Chamotte brick (oven). It can withstand large temperature differences and does not destroy. As a solution for masonry, use clay with sand. But it requires pre-soaking.

For street mangal, it will take a good basis, which means building material for the foundation (cement, sand, brown stone, plywood or formwork boards, fittings, stones and crushed stone).

Also need metal corners, grilles, valves, iron sheet. If you plan to make niches and the workspace, then you will need a tabletop of stone, the doors can be made of wood or metal.

From the tools are necessary:

  • shovel;
  • Master OK;
  • level;
  • buckets for solutions;
  • concrete mixer or trough;
  • Circular Saw.

Necessarily a project is developed or ready ready. On it not only convenient to perform work, but also to calculate the right amount of materials. A small stock will never hurt, but also big excessive.

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Pouring foundation

Stationary Brick Mangal Requires Fundam:

  • It is necessary to die out in accordance with the size of the project.
  • Poam’s bottom Pleep a boob with rubble, a formwork is installed (it is better to moisten it).
  • Next, the pit is poured by a concrete mixture of cement and sand in the proportion of 1: 3, but layers and laying reinforcing mesh. Armature in no case should lie at the bottom of the pit. If the pit is small, and the walls turned out smooth, then the formwork is not needed.
  • From above the foundation is covered with a rubberoid or ordinary film.
  • When it is hot weather, then for uniform drying, the base is recommended sometimes to sprinkle with water. So that concrete grabbed and the miss, you will need 1-2 weeks. Brickwork is carried out only after the full frosting of the foundation.
  • During this time, a clay solution can be prepared. In Badier, it is necessary to dunk clay for a week, periodically stirring and pouring water if necessary. Then add sand. A good consistency solution resembles a thick sour cream, it should be easily taken with his hands and not spread.
  • Check the quality of the solution easily. To do this, mix a small amount of clay with dry sand. Roll it in harness with a diameter of 1 cm. He should not lose shape, cracking or split.


The day before the masonry, the brick is recommended to pour water or omitted to it for 20-30 seconds immediately before placing. It will provide better grip, and the material itself will not take moisture from clay.

Brick mangal coach is shown in the following figure. If you want to draw my friend yourself, it is preferred to do it on a piece in a cage.

The easiest way to masonry for a mantal of bricks – each row shifts on the Polkirpich, in one, then in the other way. Start laying the basement with the corners to the center of the in advance of the lines. Every 3 rows to check the level and plumb, as well as put the reinforcing grid.

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The first row of masonry, like the second, is done with solid. The base may have different heights, depending on the project, and several compartments in which it is convenient to store firewood, charcoal, any utensils and t.D.

Next, go to the fuel laying (central part).

For ferry, you can use a predetermined concrete base with reinforcing or lay out it from bricks.

If the fuel is planned arched, then used grouse. Between the bricks, the gap is 1 cm. It is best for this to use sins. So you can evenly distribute bricks. Only after this space is sprayed with water and filled with a solution. Groundly left for 1-2 days.

From above, the fuel is covered with reinforced concrete beam or iron corner. On the jumper from above, another 1 row of brick is laid out.

When laying it is recommended to leave small gaps, it will allow the air to penetrate, and burning will be better.

If the brick brazier is planned to be used as a barbecue, then you need to think about the place of installation of the lattice. For this, small protrusions are made. The grille itself is placed on the rods of reinforcement, made in the walls of the building. You can make several protrusions to be able to lay the grid at different levels.

Next put wind walls and a smoke collector is done. Pipe attached to the support columns and gradually narrows. This is the simplest design. And in order to protect it from rainfall, a metal visor is installed above it.

In simple schemes of mangalls from brick, the pipe can be absent anymore, like wind walls.

Finish and canopy

So that the construction served as long as possible, it is necessary to build a canopy.

He can be:

  • general and cover the entire area of ​​recreation;
  • be directly over the mangal.

To do this, concrete bases are made under the poles, or fixed to the basement. Supports can be metallic or wooden. In the latter case, according to the rules of fire safety, they are obliged to defend from the construction of at least 16 cm and processed by special antiseptics.

The roof for a canopy is performed absolutely from any material. But if it will be combined with the roof of the house and other economic buildings, then the brazier from the brick will harmoniously fit into the common landscape.

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The construction can be left in the form of what it is, only slightly passing the grinding machine. Can be covered with special paints for brick stoves. It is interesting to finish from decorative stone. You can also use special plaster.

Still use the various elements of the decor not only on the brand itself, but also on the doors of the built-in wardrobes, shelves and t.NS.

See the following video where the process of building a brick mangaal is clearly shown.

Projects, schemes and drawings

There are many ready-made projects of grims from bricks, various in terms of the difficulty, costs and decorative options. You can develop your own drawing based on existing schemes.

Introducing the mangala scheme, which is easy to build a brick brand with your own hands.

Usually the height from the ground to the roastery is defined as the distance from the hand level of the hand to the floor. If the owner is high in growth, then the firebox will be high enough. The width of the brazier does not exceed 30 cm, otherwise the standard chapter just falls into it. In length most often it does not exceed 1 m, at the rate of 10 skewers.

You can build a brick brand with your own hands on the following drawing.

Another drawing and real photo to it, step by step instructions for the construction of a brick mangaal.

The easiest option

The most simple brick brazier has only a base and roasting, sometimes ledges for the lattice. It is not complicated in the masonry, he will not need little space and materials. This will be an excellent mantal option for giving a small company or family of 4 people.

If it is planned to build a solid construction that could be used all year round, then a stationary brick bracket is compiled, supplemented by wind walls and chimneys.

We advise you to see the following video. It presents a step-by-step instruction on self-construction of a brick mangaal.

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