Brick 1NF – Single Facing Brick

Brick 1NF is a single facing brick, which is recommended to use for facades of buildings. It not only looks beautiful, but also has good thermal insulation properties, which reduces insulation costs.

At all times, people sought to highlight their home and give him a beautiful appearance. This can be achieved using a facing brick, because it has a large selection of colors and textures.

Pros and cons

This brick due to the availability of emptiness in the body has good thermal insulation, due to which it retains warmth in winter, and in the summer I cool in the house. What will give savings not only due to the absence of the need for additional insulation, but also by reducing heating costs during the cold season. The thermal conductivity of this product is about 0.4 W / m ° C.

High quality manufacturing and modern materials causes a high cost of facing bricks. But it’s a high-quality brick for your money, which will serve a very long time. After all, due to the use of firing technology, clay is harnessed at the molecular level, forming a resistant connection. The money spent will serve for a long time in the form of a good housing.

If you are limited in cash, you can save, building a house from Sanchochny brick. And on the saved money you can buy high-quality facing brick.

To date, the building materials market is the most common Facing brick is a brick 1NF with dimensions 250x120x65 mm. This size allows you to more conveniently hold a brick in your hands.

Preparation method

Natural clay and addition supplements are burned at a temperature of 1000 ° C. By firing a facing brick 1NF becomes high strength and wear-resistant.

If you clearly adhere to the rules of laying, the facade of the structure will have not only a gorgeous appearance, but also to preserve heat and comfort even in the coldest winter days.

Another nuance. For the facing of all walls, in addition to the base, you need to use a single hollow brick, and for the base technology you need to use a full-year brick.

Based on all the above, you can draw the following conclusions:

  • Facing brick 1NF not only looks beautiful, but is a high-quality product that serves many decades.
  • Its low thermal conductivity saves on additional insulation.
  • The relatively high price is quite reasonable and guarantees the safety of spent.

The use of this type of brick is very common worldwide. And this means the validity of the choice of exactly this species to give the aestheticity to the future construct.

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