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Big Bags are actively used in the food and chemical industry. Their demand is due to the ease of transportation of bulk mixtures including sand and cement. The size of Big Bags affects the load capacity.


Externally, such a product is a big bag, in the design of which there are slings.

The slings continue the Big Bag’s body and are equipped with an additional strapping made of laminated polypropylene. It is this material that has the necessary resistance to wiping.

As an additional mandatory configuration, hatches or valves are used. They are a polypropylene sleeve, where the standard of length is 500 mm and a diameter of 350 mm. Thanks to it, load the mixtures and unload from a soft container more convenient.

If necessary, the overall hatch can be changed.

Another extra element – skirt. Without her, the cargo would have woken up, and with it it remains inside a soft container.

On each additional element there is a tie. It is made of a durable cord, which, in turn, is sewn to the assembly.

Depending on where it is supposed to use a soft container, a fabric can be of different density. For manufacture, the material is used, the width of which varies from 120 to 200 centimeters.

Density on 1 or 2 tons may vary within a radius of 70-200 g / m2.

Precisely because polypropylene has low resistance to ultraviolet, in the production of fabric, UV stabilizers are additionally applied.


On the market you can meet soft containers of several standard sizes (in cm):

  • 60x60x125;
  • 75x75x125;
  • 75x75x140;
  • 75x75x150.

Depending on the size, the load capacity of the soft container is changing.


During the dimensions of 75x75x125 cm, the Big Beha volume is 0.7 m3. In fact, this parameter may increase by 15-20%. This happens because the fabric stretches when the container is filling with a mixture.

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