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Many people do not know how many problems can bring home mole, which can easily settle close from clothes and food. Today it is known a few varieties of homemasa, it belongs to such a ward, food, fur coat and grain. If you do not take action on time, home mole can bring a lot of trouble. Many cases are known when this is an annoying and inconspicuous insect to delete the ladies’ fur coats, spoiled harvest fees and homemade. Verified to get rid of this insect is a lavender, which you want to be able to use correctly.


Lavender in the most different her form helps to fight mole, and is also an excellent prevention of this insect. For a person, this culture does not bear any harm, in addition, it has even a pleasant aroma, but for insects its smell is very toxic. They try to avoid him. Lavender almost never causes allergies, and with proper use of any side effects from it, as a rule, also does not occur.

In the summer, a grassy plant can be collected and dried independently, and later decompose it on a canvas bags. Dry Lavender can be at home on the balcony or in the street conditions, if this makes it possible to make weather conditions. You can also buy ready-made dry plants and make aromatic sachets with them.

Perhaps the only minus of getting rid of moths with the help of a folk remedy is that in the presence of active butterflies in the house will need time for its action. Immediately they will not disappear and will not die.

As a rule, lavender is used in preventive purposes.

If the moths are discovered a lot, to start it all the same should be processed using a chemical agent, after which you can already put the lavender or bags with it.

How to use?

Lavender against wrapping moths should be placed in the closet with clothes, in the chests or in the dresser. Dry branches can be born in bundles or acquire ready-made aromatic sachets. Sometimes they are left between stacks of folded things. In the kitchen, the plant can be decomposed in the cabinets, but you need to follow the cereals and other food near the flower were hermetically closed.

For home, dry lavender bouquets can also be approached, which will be an excellent interior item and an excellent tool to scare insects. The main thing is to choose fragrant compositions, and not those that no longer have a pronounced smell, otherwise the explicit and guaranteed effect of them will not be.

Long effect will provide lavender bags with other colleges, which can be put or hanging in various places. They are completely safe not only for man, but also for pets. The term of the aromatic bags and Sasha is usually no more than 2 months, after which the fragrance from them becomes very weak, and they must be replaced.

In the fight against moth and other home insects, you can use lavender essential oil. When washing the floors, it should be added to water. Also such water can wipe furniture items, the main thing is not to forget to cleanse them dry from water residues. This method allows you to get a pleasant fragrance in the room after cleaning, as well as protect the rooms and furniture items from pests.

In fragrant lavender bags, dry orange peels, chamomile, wormwood or dry mint are often added. Thus, you can get a wonderful natural flavor for the house, which will also benefit. After all, all these herbs negatively affect the state of moth.

There are also recipes of lavender decoctions and tinctures, which in the old days sprayed clothes. but It is worth noting that this method if it brings some kind of benefit, then only with its regular repetition.

Of the modern methods, you can purchase a lavender aromatic diffuser with chopsticks, however, preference should be given to good brands, producing this kind of tools from natural components and oils. Such a smell certainly does not like moths.

But there are similar means of expensive, since in fact they are home perfume.

Review reviews

Considering the reviews of the hosts, we can conclude about some of their recommendations regarding the fight against mol. In general, about the action of a folk agent in the house of women respond positively.

The first thing is important to do when the insect is detected, get rid of larvae, as well as to root all the premises in the house or apartment. And only after these procedures can lave lavender bags or dry bundles. This technique is advised not one mistress.

Some users speak well about the wetting recipe of geranium and lavender essential oils. These cotton disks are unfolded through the cabinets, immediately receiving the desired effect in the destruction of the pest. Update such homemade flavors recommended once every 3-4 weeks.

Many agree that it is better and safer than natural lavender almost nothing. But to enhance the effect of its action best in the bags with lavender also put dried mint. Bags with lavender can be laid in pockets of outerwear, in covers with things and even in shoes. But the most important thing is to try not to forget to make cleaning in the closet, since the mole is very often started in those places where they have not been revision.

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