All you need to know about the dismantling of boiler houses

In order to disassemble the boiler room, it is necessary to seriously prepare: to study SNIP 2-35-76 “Boiler plants”, the resolution of the “safety rules for the operation of flue and ventilation industrial pipes”, where the entire liquidation process of the boiler installation is painted. Who is agreed with the demolition, from how many stages consists of the whole process? And because of what the need may arise in the pavement of the boiler room?

Features of dismantling

The pavement of the boiler room is considered the most difficult process, as there are many different structural elements of increased strength. Almost the entire process consists of the following steps:

  • coordination of liquidation in the necessary services;
  • the work of measurements;
  • turning off the fuel supplies with the coordination of the process with government supervisory authorities;
  • turning off the flow of water;
  • analysis of boiler equipment;
  • disseming premises;
  • packer panel;
  • clearing area with garbage cleaning.

Before the dismantling process is drawn up with documentation in which there are such items:

  • recognition of inoperability;
  • Protective events for the building that will be demolished;
  • dismantling method;
  • the calculation of the zone of the rolled;
  • Determining the degree of damage to engineering networks.

The main complexity in the analysis of the boiler room is the decrease of chimney – arises due to the height and use of various materials.

    The dismantling of boiler boiler in the same way occurs under the guidance of specialists and is strictly regulated.


    There are several ways to pave a boiler pipe. Why pipes? They are the hardest room as a whole, because the room is usually not higher than one floor, and the pipe, as we noted above, is a rather high design created from different materials. Let’s consider in more detail each of the ways.

    By industrial mountaineering

    The method of parsing in which the smoke pipe is dealt with manually, and the process goes from top to bottom. The process is very laborious, time consuming, but is the safest way. In addition, there is no extra bureaucracy with registration of permits. Also, manual analysis does not harm facilities near the boiler room.

    With the help of specialized equipment

    Otherwise, this method is called “Valka Pipe”. It is used when demolishing a pipe made of metal into several segments, but can also be used when analyzing brick or reinforced concrete structures. Rarely when the chimney sucks the foundation, thereby provoking its fall.

    Directed explosion

    Perhaps one of the complex methods in terms of obtaining various permits in public services. In addition, for the use of this method, there are a number of conditions, for example, a radius of the chimney and fragments in the exercise of the undermining should be the distance of more minimum one and a half times than the height of the chimney.

    The decay of the chimney in this case occurs entirely, and there is no need for additional disassembly.


    The demolition occurs with the participation of special sliding forests, such robots – manipulators work remotely. Pipe analysis happens from above, dropping to the base. The method is quite expensive, since the management requires the service personnel.


    The manufacture of flue pipes most often comes from materials such as metal, brick, reinforced concrete. Depending on the material, dismantle each design is needed by various methods.

    Dismantling of metal pipe

    For the demolition of the metal chimney, it will be necessary to help the lifting crane. Special brackets weld on top, hook lift attached to them. If the pipe is removed entirely, the bases are cut off and stretch marks from the metal, which hold the chimney, then with the help of the lift it is lowered to a special platform or next to the boiler room. If the pipe is high enough, then in addition to the crane, you will need an auto. The whole process will be held in several stages.

    The pipe is divided by equal parts with markup, and the eyes are welded, for which the hook of the lifting crane is cling, the chimney of the markup is cut, move the cut part.

    Then let it go to the site, to the resulting top edge again welded the eye, cling the hook, cut off the marked, lowered and put on the site. Thus, dismantling the entire pipe.

    Dismantling brick pipe

    To parse this type of pipes, rolls or explosives. The method of undermining is considered very dangerous, so it is necessary to ensure the safety of people by evacuation. It is also necessary to correctly carry out the calculation of explosives, determine the places for booking the charge. The method is very fast, but at the same time complicated and expensive. In addition, quite a lot of fragments are spilled from bricks. A roll of brick chimney takes a lot of time, but much cheaper and not so complicated. Roll spend in several ways.

    Bringing pieces of pipes or whole sector

    In this method, the method is set to special forests outside at a certain distance, after which the tools hollow out bricks, thereby reducing the strength of the surface. After all these manipulations, the level is divided into parts.

    With the help of special backups

    At the same time, bricks are knocked out with a solid material support. Further, the part that rests at the expense of the supports, is demolished by heavy technician.

    Roll with elimination of dangerous pipes

    Pipe disassembled parts, starting from the top. Wreckage wrecks are discharged from the inside or outside.

    From where the playground equipment depends, if the reset goes inside, the site is installed outside and vice versa.

    To accelerate the disclaimer of the chimney of bricks closer to the base, use heavy techniques.

    Dismantling of reinforced concrete gas pipe

    To pars, use the method of undermining or cutting in the diamond equipment sectors. The undermining is carried out in the same way as the brick tube. Cutting sectors is carried out in two ways.

    Cross cutting around the circumference

    Method using a lift: chimney shall be divided into sections, at the top of the site are cut out two grooves exactly opposite each other, through them the cable passes, which trailers to the lift, then cut off the sector, raise and put it on the site, the next sector is cut in the same way.

    Longitudinal cutting

    Chimney cut from above in small pieces, cutting either rectangles or triangles. Reset sliced ​​pieces goes inside or out.

    With the analysis of the equipment everything is much easier. It is disconnected from all resources, specialists disassemble the boilers and everything is taken out of the room.


    Special attention in the analysis of the boiler room should be reversed at important moments.

    • How tight building is located near the boiler house. Naturally, at high density of undermining, there can be no speech, only the analysis of the roller method. Even if the boiler room is located in the area, which is not very populated, the undermining can damage the buildings located nearby.
    • Always consider the wind rose, curvature of the chimney pipe. Over time, almost all pipes appear cracks, holes that fell fragments that will affect the deviation of the incidence of the fall. Carefully study the design of the chimney, it may be gas supplies, which will also cause the fall deviation.
    • Professional masters always examine the chimney pipe for local defects, which lead to a premature drop of chimney from action by shock instruments.
    • All works are conducted In compliance with safety.

    Of course, the analysis of the apartment building is different from the demolition of the home boiler room, but not much. The disassembly stages will be the same, but in a private house it will not be necessary to collect permissions, if only for the gas heating boiler.

    About how the dismantling of old boilers in the boiler room happens next.

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