All about the trimming of the front

About how you can shelter the fronton roof house cheaper and beautifully, you have to think to every owner of the country real estate. Original design solutions Many manages can be created from quite budgetary materials. How to make forests to work, make a trim with your own hands, will help learn a detailed overview of finishing options, ways to implement them.


Pricing of the front of the private house, bath, garage, the attic is made outside the building – according to its facade, before or after a single-table or duct roof device. This term denote space, limited to the roofs of the roof on the sides and the cornese at the base. The form of the front can be triangular, polygonal, circular. In fact, it is part of the wall of the building by the facade, but it is not necessary to have the same design as the main part of the structure. Locked the fronton, always under the skes of the roof, deepening under her edges.

Such walls with 2 sides of the facade close the ends of the attic or attic space. They can be cold or insulated, supplemented with auditory rounds and arched windows.

Depending on the features of the selected method of construction, the casing is performed according to the following options.

  • Based on frame design. In this case, the outer decoration is formed on the planks of the rafting farms, in a horizontal or vertical direction. Ventilation window device. It is advisable to carry out the skin with the help of natural materials, similarly decoring the skes of the roof. Protect the wooden finish from atmospheric influences help impregnations, paints and varnishes.
  • On a solid wall. In this case, the decoration is carried out using various materials, from sheets of plasterboard and corrugated sheets to polycarbonate, block house. Fronton itself is already formed from a log, bar, foam blocks or bricks. It is crucial exclusively in decorative purposes – in the process of reconstruction or in order to increase the aesthetics of the facade design.

Fronton requires preliminary design. With its device, wind loads, climatic features of the region, the intensity of precipitation falling.

What can be seduced?

Desire to separate the fronton of the building cheaper and beautifully quite understandable. When building a house, the costs of materials are already quite high. That is why the owners try to save on the decoration. Disputes about the better to close the frontone of the building, are conducted regularly. Decide will help a complete overview of all kinds and outdoor options for this part of the facade.


The edged and unedged board is used in the front of the front. It possesses sufficient carrificities, allows you to arrange inside insulation or do without it. If you need not just create a wooden fronton, but also make it aesthetic, take the lining. It allows not only direct horizontal or vertical laying, but also to create patterns. In addition, a carving is often used as decoration, allowing the design of uniqueness and aesthetics.

Such a trim has a lot of advantages.

  • Easy installation speed.
  • Easy to care. The material perfectly tolerates atmospheric effects after processing decorative protective compositions.
  • Variety of width and length options. You can choose the optimal sizes for each structure.
  • Universality. This finish is suitable for a country cottage and a city house.

For the trim of the fronton, it is better to choose the classes of class A, without defects, the most resistant to the effects of atmospheric factors. She is aesthetic, it is good to stain and other ways to decorate. Natural tree – one of the most popular options for finishing carved and smooth frontones. Such an architectural and design solution meets all safety standards, does not require complex care, it is easily equipped with your own hands.

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Block house

Finishing panels that imitate the rounded log surface are well suited for the design of the frontones of buildings and structures. Fastening planks made of polymeric materials, most often from PVC, is made on a light frame. This design does not waste the facade of the building, it turns out lasting and durable. Block House is produced in a wide range of sizes and colors, does not lose its brightness under the influence of atmospheric factors. Externally, it completely imitates a log finish, suitable for plating the frontones not only residential buildings, but also baths, economic and commercial buildings.


With the capital construction of buildings and the frontoth, the brick is most often done – from the same material that supporting structures and overlaps. When installing in the corners, the material is specifically shredding for a more dense fit to the roofing “pie”. The masonry is performed using the reinforcement grid, usually does not exceed 1/2 part of the brick. The center is installed in the center of the Wooden Rake, which goes to the sink of the roof, stretch the cords from it, allowing to ensure the formation of the correct geometric design.


Spectacular solution, successfully implemented in working both with soft roofs and with classical ceramic, cement tiles. Installation is carried out on a solid black coating. The difficulty in working with the material lies in its vertical laying.

Fastening strength in this case is very important. At the same time, the finished finish looks very aesthetically, emphasizes the uniqueness of the designer solution in the design of the facade of the building.


For the trim of the front, a wall variety of this material is used, marked with the letter “C”. It is usually used not galvanized, but a polymerized straightener having a painted surface. The material is suitable for country and household buildings, in residential buildings it is rare. The advantages of the professional leaf can be attributed good carriers and critical abilities, relatively low weight. But such a fronton requires additional sound insulation, insulation, no high aesthetics.


It is used when weaving the frontal plants in the style of chalet or the header, allows you to give the wooden structure an unusual, exotic appearance. Ontulin is mounted exclusively on a solid black facing (from plywood, OSP), braziness, ensuring the formation of a coating from the right amount of sheets. The color range of material is diverse, allows you to choose a suitable design for any building or facilities.


The finished solution for finishing the fronton – vinyl or metal siding. Thin decorative panels are mounted on a light frame. Among their obvious advantages can be allocated:

  • variety of design options;
  • wide color gamut;
  • the presence of texture;
  • ease of installation;
  • Small weight.

Siding is considered the optimal choice for the design of the frontones in urban, modern style. The material does not lose its properties for many years, resistant to atmospheric influences. With the right installation, you can not be afraid of the trim warning, the loss of its functionality over time.

Other materials

There are a lot of other materials used for trimming. Among the common options can be distinguished.

  • OSB and plywood. They are used only with the roughing of the frontal structures of frame structures. On top of the sheet materials possible fastening of additional crate, finishing elements. In the country house, such a frontoth can be simply covered with paint or varnish.

  • Sheet polycarbonate or plastic. This option is used in temporary or seasonally based on designs, with the arrangement of art workshops. Translucent material skips a lot of light. Sheets are attached to special profiles to create rigidity ribs.

You can use colored polycarbonate, cell or monolithic.

  • Panels from Plakken. This special variety of facade board is created based on solid wood. It is used in the decoration of houses from a bar, logs, during the restoration of old buildings. Material is mounted similarly to siding, with a gap for possible deformation under the influence of moisture, atmospheric temperatures.
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  • Glass. Warm or cold rooms at home under the roof can be issued using panoramic glazing from 1 or 2 sides. In this case, multi-layer frame structures are manufactured to order, with the original extender. Such a designer solution requires professional installation, but gives a lot of light, it avoids excessive heat loss.

  • Clinker tile. It allows you to imitate brickwork, ceramics, natural stone, may have a brilliant glazed or matte surface. The clinker is made of natural materials, but the facade design marks noticeably. Such decoration is relevant for brick, monolithic concrete buildings, block walls. Installation is carried out on the building solutions, requires a certain experience of masonry work from the artist.

Embed the fronton at home or another object of originally and inexpensively can each owner. It is important only to set up to the selection of material, accurately calculate the alleged and permissible loads.

What will take for work?

For work on the trimming of the front, a number of materials and components will be required, without which it will not be exactly. First of all, it will be necessary to purchase the required number of selected elements of finishing, sobers, sings and other components. It will also be useful Mounting foam, With which the gaps will be eliminated. The frame of the front is usually constructed using Metal Profiles or Rabbat – The cross section of the elements of the supports and horizontal jumpers is selected taking into account the load on this part of the facade.

Also, the next set of materials and tools will be needed:

  • vapor insulation membrane;
  • waterproofing film;
  • construction stapler with brackets;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • scissors or knife for cutting;
  • fixing profiles (under siding);
  • Hoven for metal.

This is the main list of necessary devices. In addition, it will take a long staircase or scaffolding. For insurance at a height, it is recommended to use a special cable and strapping or belt.

How to make forests?

Small in the area of ​​the frontton can be seen from a wooden or metal sectional staircase. But if you have to install an outdoor finish on a large scale, without additional devices can not do. Scaffolding provide a comfortable movement along the front, make it possible to work at once 2-3 people. Optional to buy ready-made designs. Simple forests can be fully built with their own hands, taking into account the following requirements:

  • The width of the flooring is from 1.5 m;
  • The height of the tiers is at least 1.8 m with a total to 6 m;
  • Distance between supports – up to 2.5 m;
  • Maximum gap between boards – 10 mm;
  • beveled ends of elements (with solid stacking).

The primitive design can be easily assembled from the unedged board and the bars of sufficient thickness. Wooden designs have no more than 2 tiers, are not designed for reusable use. Metal layouts are collected from a rounded or square profile pipe. Horizontal flooring make wooden.

The thickness of the boards is chosen, laying them on supports at the selected distance on Earth. Support must easily withstand a few jumps over her surface.

Installation of scaffolding from wood is produced so.

  • Assembly of the carcass. It is formed from a bar with a cross section of 100 × 100 or 50 × 100 mm. The top of the support is attached at a smaller distance from each other than the bottom. This will ensure the design is greater stability.
  • Fastening a crossbar for flooring. They are mounted from the inner or outdoor side of the frame.
  • Compound of blanks. First they are collected in pairs. Then fasten with transverse bars and hide. Than them more, the higher the bearing ability of forests.
  • Installation of flooring. The lower tier is placed not higher than 0.5 m from the ground. The second is 1.8-2 meters from him.
  • Formation of stairs. It is done, feeding the transverse planks on the side of the framework of forests.
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The finished product can be equipped with rollers for greater mobility. With stationary use, the ends of the supports are slightly sharpened.

Technology Sheathing

Surfed the frontoth with your own hands, you can quickly quickly. First you need to make the preliminary calculation of the number of materials, buy everything you need. Then you can start directly finishing. The general procedure for the facing of the frontone will be the following.

  • Training. At this stage, forests are mounted before the roof, the roof itself is examined, if there are cracks, they must be seal. Wood materials intended for installation are processed by antiseptic.
  • Installation of waterproofing. It will protect the underpowering space from moisture during work. It is attached to the cape of the attic or attic room, the mustache, without gaps.
  • Formation of carcass. You can increase the crate already used in the building of the building or facilities. If the wall is solid, and not frame, you have to svew the suspensions. They are needed if it is necessary to separate the building from brick or natural stone, with the uneven surface of the supporting structures. The direction of carrier profiles is selected based on the type of finishing materials, in increments of 0.5-0.6 m.
  • Registration of window openings. They are trimmed by a profile, followed by installing steel ties.
  • Fixing the plating. It is mounted from the bottom to the upper corner. When working with siding and similar materials after the first plank, roofing values ​​are immediately installed, edging and tump. The rest of the elements are then mounted, while maintaining 1-2 mm gap to compensate for temperature differences.

This method is relevant to work with siding, clapboard, plaquene and other materials fixed in length, in the horizontal plane. Fixation of sheet coatings has some differences. The doomle in this case is done more massive, from the unedged boards 10-15 cm wide. The mount is carried out vertically, so that the relief of the sheets is directed upwards. The edge cut in the corners of the shells is performed after fitting, with hand-made manually.

Then the procedure will be the following.

  • Mounting 1 sheet. It is attached in the center of the front, special self-drawing to the crate.
  • Installation of other elements of the trim. They are superimposed by braziness, 1 wave.
  • Formation of low waves. It consists of short segments of the same material as the main sheathing.
  • Installation of the upper corner. A specially carved part is installed here, repetitive roofing angles.

It is worth considering that the mounting of Ondulina in this case is performed in the wave, pairwise, with the passage through 4 protrusions. Professional property fixed in the recess, at the bottom point of the rifrance.

Beautiful examples

Complex and beautiful options for finishing frontones are no less popular than simple, basic. Often this detail of the facade is trying to make the most identical rest. But there are designer solutions that can become a real decoration of the building. The most interesting examples deserve special attention.

  • Elegant plating frontone under stone with original paired decorative decorations. The general solution looks stylish and respectable.

  • Sophisticated fronton house with brick trim. It is made in a single style with the main building.

  • Stylish Leveling Fronton Siding. The combination of materials with different textures in the finishing of this part of the facade looks interesting, gives the house a more respectable view.

In the next video you will find the design of the front of the house by a block house.

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