All about the tools “Dohlox” from cockroaches

Cockroaches can be a real problem not only for home or apartment, but also for shops and industrial enterprises. The main problem of extinguishing insects is high and fast fertility. To get rid of cockroaches forever, it is necessary to destroy the focus, namely: the tack of the nest, where the female, latching eggs.


There are many different means to escape cockroaches. A very effective tool of the Russian manufacturer is called “Dohlox”. The composition of this drug contains special substances of attractants that attract insects. They are added so that the cockroaches eaten the poison, and not another food. The tool also consists of boric acid, which is long used against insect invasions.

Over time, pests have developed immunity to boric acid, therefore, another component of the funds is fipronil. This is a very powerful substance, quickly destroying all cockroaches. In addition, it does not allow to develop insect stability. That is why the “Dohlox” funds from cockroaches are considered the most effective.

Means and their application

Funds “Dohlox” are produced in different versions. These are gels, traps, boring balls. Using the poison to destroy cockroaches, you must follow the instructions. It is important to use the drug in the specified quantities on a specific area of ​​the room. The manufacturer advises to use poison in several stages. The main stage consists of careful processing of all possible locations and movement of cockroaches. The second stage consists in re-processing 14 days after the first. The third stage is preventive processing, which is held once in 30 days.

Preparations “Dohlox” do not act on animals, and non-toxic for children and adults. Therefore, they can be used both in residential premises and in food enterprises.


Gel is produced in different concentrations and volumes. It all depends on the area and the degree of indoor infection. Very comfortable gel, produced in a syringe with a thin nozzle. This allows you to apply the tool even on the most narrow and small areas. One syringe contains as much active substance that it is enough to the area of ​​40-45 m2. The shelf life of the gel is 365 days. Used gel remains suitable for 2 months from the moment of processing the room.

The active component of the Dohlox gel is fipronil. This is a chemical pesticide with a wide range of impact. The poisoning substance belongs to 2 and 3 class of toxicity depending on the concentration. The composition of the drug also includes fat raising adhesion with any surface and preventing drying. Primanka is part of poison. It comes to the smell, which only insects feel. This attracts them to poison. Preservatives contained in the gel do not give him to spoil, interacting with the external environment.

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Professional line of “Dohlox instantaneous poison” gels applies in case of mass infection with cockroaches. It uses not only ordinary people and restaurants owners, but also special services engaged in the destruction of insects. The active substance of this fund is also fipronil. However, here it is contained in high concentration, which makes it even more dangerous for cockroaches. Release bottles of 100 and 20 ml. On average, one bottle is enough for 50 m2, if the cockroaches appeared not so long ago, and 10 m2, if about 2 months have passed since the appearance of cockroaches.

Before applied gel, you need to make a wet room cleaning. After that, the processing of sections along the plinths. If the floor is not desired, you can apply gel to pieces of dense cardboard, and place them in the places of increased accumulation of pests. With a mass infection of one syringe, only 3 m2. In this case, the means must be applied to a solid line. If the number of cockroaches is small, you can apply gel with large intervals.

The manufacturer recommends leaving the gel for 2-3 weeks. Then it was washed with warm water with a disinfectant. After that it is recommended to install traps.


Insecticide Fipronil has high resistance to elevated temperatures. However, it is destroyed with the long-term hit of UV rays. The trap slows down the decay process, increasing the validity of the poison. Trap “Dohlox” consist of 6 containers with poisoned bait. Her smell lures insects, they eat poison and die. In just 30 days you can get rid of the big colony of cockroaches.

Traps are attached on the back of the furniture, in the places of elevated accumulation of pests. After 60 days, the containers are cleaned. They put others to prevent the re-appearance of cockroaches. Throw away traps without damaging their designs.

The active substance constituting the bait does not react with oxygen, which makes it safe for people and animals. The advantage of using the trap can be called that it does not leave stains on the surfaces.

On 5 m2 one container with bait. Extraly use all traps.


If the room literally sisters cockroaches, the boric gel “Sgin” will come to the rescue. This reinforced drug is able to get rid of pests per week. The effect of fipronil is increasing due to the addition of boric acid. Gel applied point around the perimeter of the room and in infected places. Especially carefully need to handle the ventilation holes. If the cockroaches are a little, one bottle is enough per 100 m2, if the infection is increased, then the means is enough for 20 m2.

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In addition to containers with poisoned bait, boring balls “Sgin” are produced. The composition contains boric acid and fipronil. Thanks to the reinforced formula, cockroaches can be rated in just 7 days. Balls are unfolded in dry places of pests at a distance of 0.5-1 m from each other. All procedures are carried out, only using rubber gloves.

NEW, Proposed by manufacturers of “Dohlock”, – poisoned crumbs. They are very small, which makes them an excellent bait for cockroaches. The crumbs are folded on the windowsill, under the tables, along the plots of increased cluster of parasites.

The tools “Dohlox” are effective in that their active substance acts not only through the intestines, but also penetrates through the chitinous cover of insects. A few minutes later, paralysis of the Central CNS insect comes, and it dies. The peculiarity of these drugs is that conifers died from poison. This is exactly what provides the speed of extinction of colonies of cockroaches. And insects have a well-developed genetic memory. In the room, which was processed by “Dohlox”, they will come back soon. And also revealed not only on cockroaches. If there are problems with ants, clouds and ticks, “Dohlox” will cope with them.

Release products by Russian manufacturers of LLC “Technologies Okloks” and “Defense”. The line produced by the “Dohlock” includes also funds against rats, mice and moles.

Precautionary measures

Perform processing tools “Dohlox” need only in rubber gloves. And it is also necessary to wear a respirator or close the mouth and nose with a marry bandage. Otherwise, toxic substances will cause an allergic reaction. During processing, it is strictly forbidden to talk, since fipronil can fill the nasopherler. This will cause burning in lungs. After a few hours, the effect should dispel. People suffering from asthma or bronchitis, you can not use these funds. Any drugs “Dohlox” apply only on dry surfaces.

After processing, you must thoroughly wash your hands with soap. If the remedy fell to the surface of the eye, you need to rinse them with plenty of water.

It is important to use poison exactly in accordance with the instructions. If you use a smaller amount of drug on a large area, there will be no effectiveness. BUT It will also cause addictive cockroaches to “Dohlox”, and it will not make any sense to use this drug against them.

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Very often in the market there are fakes effective. You can distinguish the original by the branded logo in the form of a cockroach death. To purchase real funds “Dohlox” better order them from the official site or buy only in proven stores.

Storage Tips

Store poison recommended in a dry cool scene place. Need to limit children’s access to funds. And also to store “Dohlox” can be possible separately from food or medicinal substances.

Gels produced by syringes need to be stored sealed before processing. Printed gel loses efficiency faster. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire vials suitable for the area and the degree of room infection.

Review reviews

On average, “Dohlox” is estimated at 4 points out of 5. Most users note the effectiveness, speed and low cost of drugs. The cost of means varies from 47 to 300 rubles. As well as buyers write about the convenience of using gels. Many pleases the absence of an unpleasant odor, which often comes from such funds. Many users noticed that the means for animals, indeed, non-toxic.

The main problem with which buyers of Preparations “Dohlox” faces, complexity in cleaning dried gel. Many noted that the remedy does not act on small cockroaches and does not destroy the cockroach eggs. “Dohlox” will not solve the problem of unclean neighbors. If we are talking about the apartment, it is necessary that the processing is carried out not only in each apartment, but also by corridors, civans and storage rooms.

The use of “Dohlox” funds are effective only subject to all rules of application. And also need not to forget that cockroaches appear where heat, dirty and dirty. It is important to follow the cleanliness of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Only integrated processing will help once and forever get rid of such unpleasant neighbors like cockroaches.

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