All about the means of “Masha” from cockroaches

Grozny weapons in the fight against cockroaches are chalks, gels and aerosols called “Masha”. These funds appeared in the early 90s. Twentieth century and instantly became popular. The reason for this success is not only that the cockroaches at that time there were a lot, in the houses and apartments of Russians there are enough of them and now. It’s just a convenient, efficient and, most importantly, an inexpensive drug.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

general description

Since the first market entry, the composition of “Masha” changed several times. It was added to the updated, more modern insecticides instead of obsolete, to which insects had resistance.

This allows the means to this day to remain one of the most efficient and at the same time absolutely safe for people and pets.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

The composition of “Masha” includes several components.

Deltametrine (0.05%) – Insecticide of contact and intestinal action. It has an impact on the nervous system of insects, regardless of whether the poison in the body of the parasite through the paws, chitinous cover or stomach falls. Toxin instantly blocks nerve impulses and quickly causes insect death.

Zeta-cypermethrin (0.10%) – another insecticide of synthetic origin, refers to the group of pyrethroids. Deltamena is somewhat different in the structure of molecules and composition, but also has a contact action. Call paralysis paralysis.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

As a third component, filler protrudes, which becomes a carrier of toxins. It may be a solid or liquid component that contains a minor concentration of poison.

The combination of two insecticides in the composition of one drug significantly increases the effectiveness of the means. As practice shows, the probability of developing in parasites of resistance even to one insecticide is extremely low. The risk that the insect will be steadily immediately to two poisons, and it comes down to zero.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Works “Masha” so: the insect runs through the treated surface, and the poison remains on his abdomen, mustache and paws. Upon contact with moisture (from the environment or saliva ossach), active ingredients begin to provide a contact effect – the poison penetrates in hemolyamph and causes blocking of nerve impulses.

With the help of jaws, the scabs are trying to clear the mustache and paws from contamination, as a result, part of the toxins turns out to be in its digestive tract. After a few minutes, the insect becomes inadequate, soon the paralysis and subsequent death behind him.

The principle of action of poisoning sprays differs slightly. In this case, the poison penetrates into the lungs and prevents the phasite breathing. Death occurs almost instantly.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Means and their application

Manufacturers “Masha” produce funds in several types. You can ride usyach with chalk, powder, gel and spray. Everyone has its pros and cons.


Mel “Masha” works very simply – its composition includes poisoning components, as well as innocuous plaster and chalk. The concentration of toxic substances in the shallow is small – it does not exceed 0.5% of the packaging in 20 g. Everything else falls on a fraction of chalk with plaster. Mel is needed so that the lines are visible during drawing. Gypsum, being in the parasite body, cementing blood vessels – it enhances the destructive effect on the parasite.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Use chalks is very simple, you need to remove them from the package and draw lines. At the same time, three rules should be held.

  1. Line must be continuous. Castarakan is enough even millimeter loopholes to run safe and disadvantage.

  2. Do not draw where it is necessary. The lines are drawn in places where cockroaches often run: on the rear wall of kitchen lockers, around the ventilation grids, on the ceiling seams, near the plinths and in the fields of the ventilation holes.

  3. Line should be fat. It is advisable to make it thick in 2-3 cm. Toxic components should be enough to fully demonstrate its strength.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

According to the manufacturer’s assurances, one crayon weighing 20 g is enough to handle the premises in 20-30 kV. M. The advantages of such drugs include a few moments.

  • Availability – You can buy it in any economic store. At the same time, it has the lowest price in comparison with any other means from cockroaches.

  • Economical flow – just one package is enough to process several residential rooms.

  • Easy application – To make disinfection, no special skills are required.

  • Safety – The use of chalk does not interfere with the usual way of life of a person during processing. Chalk is completely safe for people and pets, so it will not require the liberation of the house for the period of action of the drug.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

However, there are also its drawbacks.

Despite the fact that the toxicity of the means is small, it is necessary to store it correctly. Small retains its effectiveness when stored in a dark place at a temperature not higher than 20 degrees.

Smalls are ineffective with a strong infection of indoor insects. In this case, you will have to choose: or gain patience and wait until multiple treatment affects all cockroaches, or to prefer the compositions of the instant.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Clear destroys adult individuals, but absolutely ineffective against eggs and insect larvae. Therefore, after a couple of weeks later, the population of young people will again begin to bother the owners of the apartment, in this case the processing will have to repeat.

Thus, the sphere of using chalk has its limitations. They can save from the invasion of neighboring cockroaches in the event that people behind the wall of the apartment began to fight parasites. The shallow can be destroyed by one or two randomly escaped herbs, but he is not able to defeat a big population.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches


Aerosols “Mashenka” are sold in the cannters of 180 ml. The drug is based on neuro-paralytic components. When inhaling, they cause Usach paralysis, the insect wants to breathe, but it does not work. Due to this, high efficiency of aerosol is ensured.

It is noteworthy that it acts this tool not only on the stubs, it is dangerous for fleas, mosquitoes, bugs, ants, moths and flies.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Mostly aerosol are obvious:

  • The tool not only kills insects, but also scares them;

  • The “Masha” aerosol does not have a specific smell;

  • The drug has a longer effect in comparison with the rest of the form, cockroaches disappear from the house for up to 1 month;

  • like crayons, sprays do not affect the larvae and the laying of cockroaches, so after 10-14 days the processing will have to repeat.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches


Gels have high efficiency in the fight against red rods. The current components of the drug lead to a sharp decrease in the population of the Usachi in the house after 2-3 days, and after a couple of weeks, the Tarakanya Colonia is completely destroyed. Gels are characterized by a cascade effect. Even a single insect, eating a dose of poison, before death, time to transfer it to his relatives. In this way, not only adults are destroyed, but also young people who managed to appear during the chain reaction.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Gel sold in tubes with syringe. It is applied point around the perimeter of the room, as well as in the habitats of Prusakov. The main advantage of such a form is the possibility of processing hard-to-reach areas and narrow slots. Other advantages include the absence of unpleasant odor, harmlessness and hypoallergenicity.

Gelem can be used indoors where people and pets are located. It does not allocate volatile toxins. In addition, the composition is transparent, so he does not spoil the type of residential premises.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches


A good effect give glue traps “Masha”. They are sold by packages in 20 g. They are a dense base smeared by a sticky component. Such forms have their advantages.

Ease of use – you do not have to draw anything, climb the closet and reach for ventilation communications, as it happens when working with shallow and gels.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

You do not need to drive out households from the apartment, spray the surface of the room, and then it is for a long time to ventilate, as when processing sprays. And also traps:

  • have a neutral smell;

  • They are non-toxic for people and animals;

  • The action of the trap is preserved within 2-3 months;

  • A pleasant bonus will be a democratic price.

The lack of one – the traps act only on those insects that run on them. If the protsocks are wiping for their family a new place, then the effect can not be waited.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches


Powder is a mixture of toxic sticky components, which has a destructive effect on the digestive tray path. Powder attracts insect with his taste and smell. He gladly throws into a delicacy, but after a few hours there comes poison effect.

The instruction of the user implies two ways to process the premises using a powder:

  1. Purzing the location of the localization of the Prusakov, in this case it will have to regularly update the coating;

  2. Dilute with water and spray the resulting composition of the pulverizer on the surfaces processed.

As evidenced by feedback, both means help to cope with the invincible guests.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

It should be understood that the powders do not have toxic impact on larvae and masonry.

Not so long ago, manufacturers have released a means of “Masha” in granules. Their composition includes azamethyphos at a concentration of 0.4%. This is a highly active phosphorodorganic toxin of intestinal contact; it causes the death of the plots during the day. The composition of the granules includes an additive “Bitarex” – it has a bitter taste, because it prevents the accidental entry of poisons into the body of the pet.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Use granules in two ways.

  1. Decompose on the substrates in the locations of the plus.

  2. Dilm with water to the formation of Cashitsa at the rate of 10 g of the drug on 1. L. Loose this mass doorway, ceiling, plinths and window frames.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Precautionary measures

Despite the fact that “Masha” is not hazardous for animals and people, some safety rules when working with the drug must be observed.

When processing premises, use rubber gloves. If there is no available – wrap with polyethylene. With a single contact, the means with skin covers usually irritation does not occur. Nevertheless, after the end of the work, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap.

If the drug gets into the eyes, it is necessary to rinse them abundantly with running water.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

If when working with crayons and powders, you felt a hole in the throat and the difficulty of breathing, stop processing, and accept the antihistamine drug.

In case of accidental swallowing, it is necessary to drink 2 glasses of water with 15 activated carbon tablets.

When working with aerosols, it is necessary to ensure the absence of people and pets in the house for 3-4 hours. After return, it is necessary to arrange a pass-through ventilation at least half an hour.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Review reviews

Reviews of the use of “Masha” predominantly positive.

If you know for sure that the stubs live with your neighbors – use barrier drugs (shameles, powders or gels). Then you can be sure that the unreasonable guests will not be shipped to you from other apartments. Treat plinth, doorways, ventilation holes, sewage and water pipes.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

If Usachi firmly settled in your home – nothing but the aerosol will not give a noticeable effect. However, such treatment does not kill larvae. Therefore, it is desirable to combine the use of spray with other forms (powder or pencil). In this case, the aerosol will kill all adults, and the miraculously survived and reappeared the dry drug, without giving them a chance to break.

If you do not want to draw, and leave the house for processing time you do not have the opportunity – install traps. But remember, there must be at least 5-7.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

Well, finally, if you got rid of annoying ussachi – this is not a reason to relax. As prevention, it is desirable from time to time to draw stripes on the back surface of the furniture. They will not bring harm, but as an additional means of protection, it is quite justified.

And, of course, do not forget about the prevention. Cockroaches live where there is water and food. Maintain cleanliness in the house, do not leave products on the tables, carefully wipe the drips of water near the sink and bathroom. Only in this case you can secure your home from the return of unpleasant parasites.

All about the means of "Masha" from cockroaches

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