All about the concrete mixtures “CRONT”

Planning the construction or repair work of a private house, cottages, baths, not to do without a number of power tools and construction equipment that greatly facilitate the construction process. One of the essential objects of construction workers is a concrete mixer.

The optimal option for private construction will be the Concrete mixer “Creon”, presented by many advanced and compact models. Choose the right and reliable unit that will save time, and will also allow you to independently perform a number of construction work, you can, having familiarized yourself with all kinds of Kraton’s designs.

Review models

Development of construction technologies allowed manufacturers to develop and produce compact concrete mixers who are excellent for small repair work and the construction of private houses and cottages. One of the leaders in this segment is the brand “Kraton”, offering high-quality concrete mixers, convenient in operation. The most popular and in demand in the model line are the following aggregates.

  • Beetone 180, characterized by a large volume of drum, which is positively reflected at the speed of construction work. The volume of the drum is 160 liters, and the finished solution is 116 liters.

  • Beetone 160, endowed with compact dimensions and high functionality. The volume of the tank of this design is 150 l, and the yield of the solution is 108 liters.

  • Beetone 140, which has excellent rated power, high rotational speed and a spacious drum with a volume of 130 liters. The design allows you to produce 91 liters of solution.
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  • Beetone 120, Compactness and High Performance. 110 liters of building mixtures are placed in the drum, from which 85 liters of the solution can be made.

Regardless of the model, each brand concrete mixer, presented by the Beetone series, is endowed with many advantages and features, which makes the design of popular.


Concrete mixers “Kraton” belong to the gravitational class of construction equipment and have a number of constructive features, among which it is worth noting such.

  • Equipment with a gentle crown made of cast iron.
  • Advanced tank configuration.
  • Good rated power constituting 500 W.
  • Freight preparation of solution. Regardless of the volume of the tank, the solution is mixed in 3-6 minutes.
  • The presence of a protective casing that prevents mechanisms from any damage and abrasive wear, as well as automatic engine protection from overheating, which significantly prolongs the operational period of the aggregate.
  • Easy transportation. Thanks to the wheels, the concrete mixers can be easily moved.
  • Built-in rotary steering wheel, providing easy removal of a ready solution from a tank.
  • Venetic equipment. Such models, as a rule, are inexpensive, but very reliable.

In addition, the Cton’s concrete mixer is easily going without requiring special skills. All fasteners are included in the kit. To decide on the concrete mixer model, it is enough to adhere to some selection criteria.

Tips for choosing

Due to the variety of models presented in the market, the inexperienced builder is sometimes difficult to choose a concrete mixer. In this situation, some useful tips will help determine. So, choosing the unit for private construction or repair in the courtyard at home, cottages, it is necessary to consider the following.

  • Baraban volume. It all depends on which front work to be performed – if minor repairs can be given preference to concrete mixer with a small tank – 120 or 140 liters, and if the construction of a two-story house will be carried out, then it is better to buy a cooler with a rash drum.
  • Engine power. The optimal indicator of the capacity of the high-quality concrete mixer is 500-700 W.
  • Operating principle.
  • The thickness and method of manufacturing the walls of the drum. As a rule, the wall thickness ranges in the range of 2-4 mm.
  • Design functionality – loading / unloading method, tank adjustment, noise level.

In addition, you should not neglect the reputation of the manufacturer, which should be reliable.

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