All about the clouds “soldiers”

Klop “Soldier” Ordinary or Pyrrhocoris Apterus is distinguished by bright black and red color. In the people, it is often called the “fireman” precisely for such a remarkable color. This species is quite widespread in the territory of the Russian Federation. Because of its accelerated reproduction in recent years, an enhanced population increase has been observed. Klop postpones its larvae in the tree bark, so it is dangerous for some plants.

However, this specification is considered relatively harmless, especially in comparison with other species whose family has hundreds of species classes.

What does it look like?

Soldier has enough outstanding appearance. His description is very unusual.

  • Brown or black color prevails in the pattern or color of the limbs.
  • Red shades are present on the shell and the eyes of the beetle. So expressive features and became his business card.
  • Most often this species has no wings, so it is called a loose-free bug.
  • In the amount of it reaches up to 1 centimeter.
  • Wood bark and sawdust – the most comfortable habitat for him.

For a person, he does not represent any danger. He does not bite and does not drink blood, but it can cause serious damage to trees. Therefore, the population needs to be extremely closely monitoring and not allowing it uncontrolled reproduction.

Who is often confused?

Despite such bright external characteristics, it is often confused with other pests. Often, his distant relatives are accepted for representatives of the same type. Although the differences most often do not notice inexperienced in this matter. Similar features can be discouraged and confused.

So, Soldatik often take for earthlings. It is not surprising, because the red and black color of the limbs are very relative. However, insects differ in form and sizes. The earthlings prevail the sharp forms that give it more threshing and some danger, although it is almost harmless to humans. And the soldier has all the lines softer, rounded and smooth. No less important is the fact that the soldiers live in big colonies for the safety and preservation of the offspring, the earthlings prefers loneliness.

Another insect with whom this clus is confused, a firefighter beetle. Externally, these creatures are not similar, but here the name has played a major role. Many do not understand that “beetle” and “bug” are absolutely different concepts. So “Krasnokhlop” acquired the status of the beetle, although it is not. The reason for this was the characteristic red color, the name was taken in the people, and now they are considered representatives of one group.


After a long hibernation, they appear on the surface at the moment when good and warm weather is firmly installed. Most often, this period falls at the end of March or the beginning of April. If spring was surprisingly cold, this process can be transferred to mid-April.

The colony usually lives in old stumps or trees, garden sites are just their favorite places. Such corners are best protected from predators or other insects that could harm them. They lead a predominantly daily lifestyle, as there is much easier to look for food, multiply or escape from threats.

After waking insects, insects seek to restore all their previously spent forces and quickly start the breeding stage. DTo this they actively begin to absorb germinating plants. At this point, they become the most dangerous.

Garden plants can significantly suffer, especially if they are at the seedlings stage. When seedlings are weakened as much as possible, then they can become easy prey.

What eating?

They feed mostly with young seedlings, although their diet is very diverse. These bugs without exaggeration can be called omnivore. They prefer to pollen, seedlings and fruits, and the pallet or small insects. Therefore, they are not so harmless, at least for other smaller species.

The gardeners are worth especially in the spring, since during this period they begin active searches for food. They are not important as a plant, they gladly taste what will come on the way. It can be both recently planted seedlings and just blossomed flowers. Gardeners will have to not lower the eyes from their wards, because they can taste these pests.

This type of character cannibalism. If the in the winter is holding an unstable temperature, then the colony is able to wake up from the dream ahead of time.

Due to the fact that the clouds are not enough vegetable food, they can start eating their younger fellow who were weaker.

How to breed?

Reproduction begins after awakening. At the end of this process, approximately in May, females can postpone up to 40 eggs. They will survive from them not all, but the strongest will move to the stage of larvae. This type of insects misses the stage of the pupa, due to which the growing is happening faster.

Before this eggs will have time to change their color. From the start, they will have a pale white shade, maybe he will be slightly yellow. As the embryo develops, they will be darkened until they burst. Insect can postpone eggs in an absolutely any place like, so they can ripen on the foliage of the crust and even on Earth. For the state of the offspring of the bugs do not worry, since the females lay a rather large number of eggs. In other words, the population does not threaten anything, and parents may not worry about the state of masonry.

The ripening process can take up to two weeks. Environmental factors affect this. So because of the colder and unstable weather, the formation can delay more than one and a half times.

Pairing in Krasnoklov passes very unusual. Mono say that in some extent they differ from these from other insects. Partners are connected to each other, and fertilization begins. It can take a whole week, although on average there is a couple of days. All this time, they remain together, while not losing the ability to move. As they need nutrition and protection, then they have to function as a single organism. Replace the satellite they are no longer able until the completion of the entire action.

Where inhabit?

Habitat Colonia chooses based on security reasons. It should be desirable to be a dark, cool, secluded place where it would not penetrate the extra light. It should also be away from people or animals that could unceremoniously invade this space. But at the same time in step accessibility there must be power sources, because these bugs do not have wings and are not able to move over long distances.

So, often their choice falls on the dummy stumps, the bark of trees, the gaps between the stones, less often in the basements of houses. These are the places in which they do not threaten them, and they can safely behave there their measured and quiet life without excess stress.

Than harmful and helpful?

Neighborhood with such insects wears not only negative. It has two sides of the medal, like everything in our life. They can not get rid of them, no matter how hard you try, they will still return to your garden. However, they have their own benefits, which may not be so obvious at first sight.

So, for example, these bugs devour vegetation that could be destructive for your landing. Or they absorb others, no less nasty parasites, it would be harder and problematic.

However, harm from them is much more. Some gardeners naively consider them harmless, and this is rooted incorrectly. So, their population is largely affected by the yield. For the vegetable garden, their raid can turn into a real cataclysm and tragedy. Vintage can suffer very much, and some trees risk never again to recover from losses.

However, people are not interested in these clusters. Unlike its bloodsowing fellow women who are harmful to humans, the soldiers prefer not to bite. Bring significant harm they can only for garden or garden.

Therefore, you should not be afraid to take them in hand or transfer from place to place. Also, they do not know how to distinguish any toxins, so from contact with them you do not risk getting a burn or chemical reaction. You can also not be afraid of allergies or appearance of spots on the surface of the skin.

How to fight?

If the situation has come out of control, and you can no longer make such an annoying neighborhood, you can try to get rid of bedbugs. An important role is played by the place in which these unandoned guests began, as the drugs will have to be chosen based on the situation.

If the bedbugs started in the apartment, then the most correct decision will be to run them, for this it is better to cause sanitary-induction, since work with poison at home can be quite dangerous. In a closed and poorly ventilated room, it can give a negative effect on health, so it is better to trust her professionals. After processing, open all windows to ventilate the room. Preferably do not spend the night at home for a while to give to evaporate to all chemicals.

Work on the plot to produce much safer. Here the open air will not damn and not get poisoning. But do not forget about safety equipment. So to handle cabbage, use gloves or respirator if necessary.

Dilute the poison should be in accordance with the instructions on the package. There will be an accurate proportion that needs to be followed so that the fleece has been involved correctly.


To date, there is a huge number of various chemicals that can completely save you from annoying creatures. Some of the drugs are used once, others on an ongoing basis. But despite the high efficiency of these substances, it is necessary to take into account some aspects.

Treatment is best started before flowering, as the victims can become bees that participate in pollination. Repeat the procedure in the middle of the season and at the end, so you will achieve a longer-term result.

Light traps

One of the least beaten ways. With it, it is impossible to completely get rid of the whole colony, but you can significantly reduce the population. Light loves the insect. Most often in the manufacture of conventional lamps, but also there are models with ultraviolet radiation. Klop flies and fall into chain paws mosquito nets or adhesive tape. This is the most environmentally friendly option that will suit the cottage or apartment.

Folk Methods

Folk methods are not able to completely destroy parasites. They will create the most intolerable conditions that will survive the cloud from their habitat. It is worth noting that this process will take a large amount of time, and procedures will have to produce repeatedly so that the result becomes obvious.

There are dozens of diverse simple recipes on the network. However, a simple soap solution remains the most affordable. It will take about 10 liters of water and 500 milliliters of soap. This mixture is necessary to regularly go through the infected areas. Over time, you will notice that the parasites left the bed.

Preventive measures

To prevent the risk of infection and dissemination of the epidemic, you must follow a few simple rules.

  • Delete all possible stumps from the site, as they serve as the main shelter for soldiers.
  • Shot weeds without leaving the chance of a chance to reproduce.
  • Periodically make preventive processing of your landing. So you will slight chances of infection.
  • On the perimeter of the beds, pick up fragrant herbs, such as wormwood. Sharp smell scare all parasites.

Observing these simple rules, you will secure your beds from unwanted guests who declared to you without warning.

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