All about sliding supports for rafters

Roofing structures from a tree has a property with time to deform. This moment is associated with natural changes in wood, its shrinkage under the influence of the environment and precipitation. In this regard, during the roof improvement, technologies must be used that prevent the processes of saving and cutting structures.

Features and need to use

Currently, the roof of wood is in great demand. So that she served as long as possible, the masters advise you to install sliding supports for rafters. This device is necessary to connect parts in the rafter frame with the formation of the stock of the stroke, due to which a single-table roof is not deformed when sitting.

Supports are widely used in brusade wooden houses, as well as in log fires. In the people they are called sliders, sled.

In the composition of this element of the roof there are two parts, namely still and sliding. Often the sliders are produced from durable and corrosion-resistant material, which can withstand a larger load. According to GOST 14918-80, the production of sliding rafters use low carbon steel, which is characterized by high strength.

Salazks have a metal bracket and a corner with hinges. They are characterized by standard dimensions:

  • thickness – 0.2 cm;
  • width – 4 cm;
  • height – 9 cm;
  • Length – from 9 to 16 cm.

Low carbon steel contains a small carbon percentage, so the material is easy to handle. To increase the strength of the salazzo, manufacturers use the deoxidation method. Production data using cold stamping technology. So that supports were protected from corrosion, they are treated with hot galvanized. Such a procedure prevents premature destruction of fixtures.

If there is no factory galvanic protective layer on the slider, then before the use of the product it is necessary to treat oil paint. The latter is able to protect the material from rust. Choosing sliding supports for the roof, should take into account the mass of the product, as well as the strength of the load on the surface in the event of snow falling and the impact of the wind.

Despite the need to purchase materials, the costs of their own forces and time, Salazok has the following advantages:

  • lack of difficulties in the installation mechanism;
  • reliability and strength of the structure;
  • ease of use over the years;
  • Small financial costs.

As practice shows, a house of logs, which has sliding supports, serves longer. In addition, if the sliders are processed in advance with special compositions, such structures can be erected in the territory with adverse climatic conditions.

The roof of the building with “sliding” is able to withstand a strong wind, frost, a temperature difference and to unimpose dozens of years, while being suitable for accommodation.

Similar elements of the wooden roof are necessary to perform such tasks:

  • Preventing the deformation of the rafter during the shrinkage of the building from a wooden bar;
  • Ensuring the possibility of moving the framework when used.

Review of species

Salazzas for the rafting system fix roofing legs to Mauerlat. Usually galvanized sliders typical dimensions and design with statistical guides, as well as a corner with a loop. Moving fasteners are represented in open and closed varieties, which are characteristic of characteristic dimensions.


Open sliding support is a collapsible design. In it, the corner is fixed to Mauerlat on the rapid frame. Models of such structures are distinguished by the number of locking holes and the stroke stock. The minimum stroke stock in this case can be 6 cm, and the maximum – 16 cm. Depending on the magnitude of this indicator, the quality of fastening and protection against surface deformation is ensured.


Difference of the closed salazzo from the previous one can call its ability to be collected and disassembled. Corner in this case is equipped with a loop. Through it, they make a guide bar, which is mounted on rafters.

According to professionals, open sliding supports are characterized by ease of installation. This moment is very important if the work is performed inexperienced master. If you look at the other hand, it can be concluded that closed salads differ greater reliability in use, as well as the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Montaja technology

The installation of the rafting roofing frame has no features and is performed according to the standard scheme. However, so To properly install the design, make a mount to Mauerlat and to withstand the same angle on the border of the roof base and the rafter, you will need to make a preliminary drawing.

The scheme on which it is worth attaching parts of the rafter systems is the following.

  1. The first thing the Master will need to lay Mauerlat on the bearing walls of the building. This design element performs the reference function. It is able to evenly distribute the load and transfer it to the foundation. If the building is created from logs or timber, then instead of Mauerlata, the upper type of crown can be used.
  2. Early a pattern of a rafter foot. He serves as a sample, which will continue the remaining rafters.
  3. At the end of the rafting leg, they produced for Mauerlat. If you drank directly in Mauerlat, it can lead to a decrease in strength and deterioration of the bearing capacity.
  4. Initially fix the first and last rafter legs. At the same time it is necessary to check the connection and angle at the border of the elements. To perform the procedure, you need to put a building level.
  5. At the end of the legs, it is necessary to fix the sling lumpy support. To improve the reliability of fixation, guides and runners are fixed. Work is performed using several hardware.
  6. Upper rafting legs are mounted using metal plates or nails. The latter can be connected by the hairpin, on which the mobility of the elements depends.
  7. On the border of the first and last rafter steam, you need to pull the cord, and establish the remaining structures.

Rafters, like brackets, should be attached with special reliability. If it is just superfing to the beam, the end will slide. Because of this moment, all the roof can collapse. Some masters fix the supports of the tightness, but this method did not find widespread.

Experts advise to install slinged solid supports with special self-tapping screws. The usual self-sufficiency does not have the ability to withstand significant loads that will occur when the design part of the structure will occur. In order for the rafters not collapsed by their weight, the masters must adhere to the special technology of work.

Only in this way can I expect to reliably erect sliders.

In order for the roof to serve as long as possible, it is worth listening to the following recommendations of professionals.

  1. Salazzas must perform with jumpers during the top of the top crown and the rafter.
  2. The guide line is fixed in parallel relative to the leg of the rafter. In this case, the installation of the corner must be perpendicular.
  3. Do not forget about the processing of each composite wooden roof element with special substances.
  4. Supports need to be installed on systems with correct proportions.
  5. Sking compounds can be fixed with bolts, studs, hinges.
  6. For ease of installation it is worth using rafters with the same dimensions.
  7. When making installation, you can apply technology with boards. Such a technique is working on long spans. Elements in this case are combined with long hardware, and wood is increasing.

Incorrect installation of sling supports for the rafter can entail the problems in the free movement of parts relative to each other. Friction that will occur will subsequently damage fasteners, and will also cause the cords of the plates and breaking the corners. In order for the roof for many years to perform its direct purpose, before the winter period of the year and after it it is worth carefully inspecting all the connections on it. Also, specialists are categorically not recommended to warm the roof on which there are salazzas.

Sliding supports for rafters are an important element of each roof. Their installation allows you to save the roof of durable and sealed for decades. The main thing is that the installation is carried out with special accuracy and on proper technology.

In the next video information is presented more clearly.

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