All about SDMO gasoline generators

Restability in benzogenerators is stubborn today. They carry out the supply of electric winds in almost any conditions, become an excellent spare source of electricity. They can be taken with themselves on holidays to the tour, use in the garage, in the house, during repair. In the article we will detail in detail SDMO gasoline generators.


The first thing attracts – Workability, profitability and reliability of SDMO generators. They make it possible to fuel pregnant, there are a long time autonomously. Most modifications are equipped additionally silencers, Excellent overwhelming noise. It is very important when the work of the unit can be heard from the residential room. The brand is represented by fairly available 3-phase generators, with electric overflows by 220 V and 380 V. Consumers especially identify samples with electromasic from the key.

They are easy, comfortable in the process of use. In addition, advanced installations are equipped with an exact meter meter.

Review models

Consider especially popular modifications of SDMO gasoline generators.

SDMO HX 3000 C

It is made on the basis of a stable 4-stroke motor Honda and synchronous generator from Italy Mecc Alte. The unit carries in itself a power protection from excessive loads. Motor has protection in terms of oil level – an automatic stop is performed when it is lack of. Plus SDMO HX line samples – High Motor Reliability, Compact Sizes and Little Mass.

HX 4000-C

Benzoelectric station with one phase, with manual start For stable electricity supply to construction sites or small industrial sites. In addition, this is an excellent choice for the house, the site is outside the city, in the turbo, fishing or hunting. The structure of the generator makes it possible to apply it and as a permanent, and as a spare source of autonomous energy supply. One or a number of electrical devices can be connected to it with the highest total 4 kW with a voltage of 220 V.

Perform 3000

Single-phase unit is created on the basis of a stable 4-stroke Kohler motor and a synchronous generator from Italy Mecc Alte. Equipped with auto protection from excessive loads. Motor has Oil protection protection – With its lack, an automatic stop is performed. Plus SDMO Perform Line Modifications – Compactness, low weight, simplicity and comfort.

How to choose?

To choose the optimal unit, some parameters should be taken into account.

One of the first properties to be stopped – power. It is necessary to repel from the active power. And to clarify this value, it is necessary to calculate the number of electrical devices that will eat from the benzogenerator. Then you should find out the power of each of the consumers of electrical energy (in the passport either by the label on the body) and add these indicators.

To the resulting value added another 10% – it turns out the smallest active power of the aggregate.

If the construction toolkit or incandescent lamps are not very demanding on the quality of the electric flow, then musical instruments and PCs with a slight voltage jump can be turned off. For them, it is advisable to purchase inverter generators, in which all the values ​​of the electric flow produced under control and are supported by electronic nodes.

The aggregates differ greatly dimensions and mass. A lightweight and small-sized benzogenerator up to 1 kW is ideal for the campaign. But professional welders will need a large and heavy, but a powerful unit capable of withstanding a large load of 5-7 kW.

Based on the duration of the operation of the unit, such a property is selected as Offline operating date. Separate devices are turned off by protection against excess heating after 3-4 h. They are suitable for workshops and garages. But to serve electricity into the house for 12-16 hours. Few samples are capable of.

Manufacturers equip the aggregates various auxiliary options. The number of sockets on 220 V is from 1 to 3, the MOTOCA counter will allow you to maintain the generator in time, the availability of the battery and the starter will allow you to start the unit from the key, and you can configure the start / stop of the unit with autorun, taking into account the voltage level in the home network.

The SDMO HX 4000-S generator is presented on the video further.

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