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The modern world requires fast and efficient solutions in all spheres of life. It is especially important to carefully approach the choice of building materials so that it does not have to regret the work done. Professional property H75 is distinguished by reliability and long service life. Such a coating is used to solve many household and construction tasks.


Professional flooring H75 is galvanized material. It is made by cold rolled. Corrugation in the form of a trapezium is done using a special technology. On the surface of the professional flooring there are ribs that guarantee stiffness. As a result, the material can resist various loads.

Professional owl H75 does not lose its properties from the effects of external factors, easily transfers constant and periodic loads. So, the carrying capacity is pretty good, which allows the use of material in various fields. Manufacturing and technical specifications are regulated GOST 24045 and TU 5285-002-78099614-2008. The standard length of the sheet varies in the range of 0.5-4.5 m, height – 7.5 cm. Working width is 75 cm, but the overall 5 cm is greater than.

Standard dimensions allow you to use professional clothes without additional labor costs. In this case, the weight is very small and depends on the thickness. Conduct the calculation is very easy. Weight 1 meter of robust, depending on the thickness:

  • Sheet 0.65 – 6.9 kg;

  • leaf 0.7 – 7.4 kg;

  • leaf 0.8 – 8.4 kg;

  • Sheet 0.9 – 9.3 kg.

At maximum thickness, the sheet has high strength. However, low weight allows the use of the material for the roof equipment without excess load on the foundation. It should be borne in mind that the professionalist is not spoiled only if the protective coating is not broken. Otherwise rust may appear.

Pretty material benefits.

  1. Working with a straightener is very simple. At home without effort, you can drill a hole or cut off the desired piece of material.

  2. Installation is completely simple, special skill is not required. At the same time, the material is durable and reliable, does not require special care.

  3. The construction of the roof with this material takes little time. This allows you to quickly finish construction work.

  4. Sheets of the same shape and size. It makes it easy to transport and store them.

  5. Material can be covered with a large area. At the same time, the sheets calmly withstand snow and other similar loads.

  6. Durability is combined with accessibility. You can purchase material for an acceptable price. Galvanized professional knots serve about 20 years, and with a polymer coating, the term increases to 50 years.

  7. Attractive appearance. Proflists can be of different colors, which makes it possible to make the coating as aesthetic as possible.

It is important to understand that the material itself does not suppress noise. During the rain, droplets of water droplets about the roof will be strongly audible. However, this deficiency is easy to fix. Enough to use mineral wool for additional insulation.

Professional flooring H75 almost universal.

How to make professional flooring?

In the manufacture of special automatic equipment lines are used. ProfileGob’s machines are programmed so as to give sheets the desired bend. Steel brand 220 used as raw materials. Proflists are manufactured in several stages.

  1. Cold rolling. The billet rolls up to the desired size and thickness. Next leaf goes to the press line.

  2. Pressing. Special equipment makes a blank wavy.

  3. Application of the protective layer. This also deals with a certain automatic machine. As a result, the sheet is not subject to corrosion and has a more attractive appearance.

  4. Formation of professional flooring. Sheets are cut into elements of the desired size. Usually use standard parameters. In rare cases, the sheet is cut across the size of the customer.

Usually, professional flooring is manufactured at large production. Most of the process occurs automatically. Manufacturing workers set up machines and monitor processes.

As a result, it turns out a high-quality and reliable professional.

Tips for choosing

The modern market offers a wide range of professional flooring. Material can be purchased in bulk or small batches. Profiled steel coating should be chosen based on where it will apply. When choosing it is worth considering several recommendations of specialists.

  1. It is recommended to give preference to large production. It is where there may be high-quality equipment that guarantees the reliability of the material.

  2. It is best to acquire professional flooring directly from the manufacturer, and not at various dealers. In this case, you can save and agree on the desired sheets of sheets.

  3. It is important to carefully examine product documentation. The corresponding GOST number must be specified there. In the document you can find all the requirements for quality and technical properties.

  4. Protective coating on products should be carefully inspecting. The presence of the slightest cracks or chips – reason to refuse to buy. Damage will cause rapid repairs.

Practicality became everyone known for many decades. Additional coating improves wear resistance and service life. Proflists are used in various fields.

Depending on this, it is necessary to select the optimal thickness of the material.

Scope of application

Special technical characteristics allow you to use professional owl H75 to solve a large number of tasks. High strength in a combination with low weight makes the material almost universal. Scope:

  • Roofing of any types and sizes;

  • for overlappings and fences of different types;

  • Sheds;

  • reinforcement overlap;

  • Saving walls of buildings from the outside;

  • formworks when building floors, monolithic construction of workshops and hangars;

  • ensuring stiffness to different metal structures;

  • manufacture of pavilions of markets and shopping centers, stadiums;

  • Temporary storage premises.

A variety of types of frame structures can be supplemented with professional flooring. Moreover, the material is used for roofs, but you can also make the walls. In addition, it is possible to make insulation to maintain heat and suppress noise. Universal material allows you to solve most of the construction and household tasks.


Professional flooring H75 is one of the most popular. With its use occurs approximately 1/6 of all roofing works. It has good bearing capacity and high aesthetic.

Additional ribs of rigidity and deep waves provide reliability.

We will analyze the features of the installation in different situations.

  1. Fastening to the crate. Correct installation guarantees quality and duration of operation. Step step on the crate should not exceed 4 meters. Design elements can be made of metal, wood or concrete. Self-mounted sheets apply to the sheets. Fasteners should be screwed into the bottom of the wave. Sheets are laid by the brass, 15-20 cm are enough. If the roof is less than 14 °, then you should apply about 20-25 cm. You can take a neoprene sealer for waterproofing.

  2. Paro and waterproofing roofing. Such a coating will be durable and practical. Waterproofing in the roll stacked from the skate and to the skate itself. At the same time, the layers should be a mustache about 10-15 cm. It is important to leave a place between the crate of the professional flooring and the layer of the seal. So inside will circulate air. On the waterproofing, you just need to nail a rafter with a height of about 7-9 cm. Free space will allow excess moisture to evaporate.

  3. Front-line slice. When decorated, you need to create a beautiful view, as well as protect sheets from moisture, deformation. To achieve these goals it is necessary to install the wind bar on the edge of the cut. Such a detail is attached using self-tapping screws. They are screwed into the end rail on the edge of the crate and the edge of the sheet. It is also important to lay sheets in the overwhelming. The step between the fasteners is selected in the range of 20-30 cm.

  4. Longitudinal and transverse adjoining of the skate to the wall. In such a situation, an angular plank is applied. Installation is carried out in the same way as in the case of slats. It is necessary to simply screw the screws at a distance of 20-30 cm for fixing the plank on a straightener. But for mounting to the wall used dowels. The upper part of the angular element is hiding in the stroke. It must be cut in the wall or isolate sealant.

  5. Formation of skate. Before starting work, determine the most frequent direction of wind and precipitation. Skates should be put on the opposite side from the one where the weather phenomena occurs. For installation you will need a self-tapping screw. Profile satisfied from Sve to the skate connects on the point where the comb is located.

With any method of installation, it is important to impose proflists to each other. Neoprene is most often used to protect against moisture. And sealing gaskets will also be suitable.

The latter will easily protect the root from the excess moisture.

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