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With the beginning of spring and warm weather begins not only the season of kebabs, but also the massive invasion season of mosquitoes and the universal struggle with them. And in war, as they say, all means are good. Therefore, the people buy everything that can help get rid of these annoying insects. However, many funds have such a strong composition that they negatively affect not only mosquitoes, but also on human health. To this not happen, you should buy funds only proven manufacturers.

The Russian market surprises its diversity to combat pests as domestic and foreign manufacturers. One of the proven companies for the production of insects is Picnic.


The Russian manufacturer of insects Picnic has long established itself as a manufacturer of effective insecticides from mosquitoes and ticks. All products of the brand have been certified and clinical studies, therefore it is considered to be safe for human health, as well as hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin.

The wide variety of the company’s goods allows you to choose a product based on the individual customer preferences. Among the Picnic range you will find plates, creams, aerosols, spirals, gel balms, as well as electrical fluids and mosquito fluids.

There is a separate ruler designed specifically for children Picnic Baby, the chemical composition of which is suitable for sensitive skin of kids. In addition to this line, special products for outdoor activities are produced, for the whole family, as well as Picnic Super and Picnic “Extreme Protection”.

The active ingredients of the last two are designed in such a way that they create guaranteed insect protection by 8-12 hours.

Picnic Mosquitoes have a number of advantages that make brand products so popular for many years.

List them:

  • a variety of insecticide output forms, which allows you to choose a convenient option for yourself;

  • Safe chemical composition, the extracts of natural plants are added to the active substance – chamomile, aloe, as well as essential oils;

  • High duration of the action;

  • There is no pronounced chemical smell – immediately after spraying, a small smell is present, but it will quickly disappear;

  • does not cause allergic reactions when entering open skin;

  • The company produces a universal electronymigator that is suitable for both liquid and plates.

When applied to the skin or clothing, insecticide creates an invisible coating that scares insects. To increase the effect of the product, it is necessary to store clothes, stored in a closed package.

Use food from mosquitoes Picnic on leather, clothes, curtains, wheelchairs, furniture.

The manufacturer provides a warranty for fire and electrical safety when using mosquitoes.

Review of funds

A large selection of Picnic products makes it possible to purchase that product from mosquitoes.

To understand which means it is suitable, we offer you to get acquainted with the most popular Picnic goods.

Aerosol from mosquitoes Picnic Family

Volume of 150 ml. Aloe extract product will help create invisible protection against mosquitoes, mosquitoes, midges, fleas. Suitable for protecting adults and children by age older than 5 years. Helps to get rid of annoying insects up to 3 hours, after which it is necessary to apply a new layer of insecticide.

You can apply on open areas of the body and any fabric products.

Spray Lotion from Mosquito Picnic Family

Release volume – 100 ml. Product with chamomile extract will protect all your family from malicious insects (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies, wet). Before applying the product, it is necessary to shake it well. To apply to the face, first it is sprayed into the palm, after which the thin layer is uniformly distributed on the face. The effect lasts up to 2 hours.

Insecticide can be used 1 time per day for children and 3 times a day with adults.

Spirals from Komarov

Packing 10 pieces. It is considered one of the most effective insect funds outdoors. And they can also be applied in the room, arbors and tents. Duration of action – about 80 hours. The composition includes D-allelet, which is the best active insect component. Spirals do not appear when they are wind.

One grabs for 6-8 hours, that is, they are economical to use.

Plates from mosquitoes

Packing 10 pieces. Provide insect protection up to 45 nights. One plate is valid until 10 o’clock. Perfectly suitable for adults and for children. Not harmful to people with sensitive skin.

No smell.

Liquid from mosquitoes

Protect your family from insect invasions for 45 nights. In the composition of natural plant extracts and essential oils. No pronounced smell. Perfectly suitable for adults and for children.

Harmless to people with sensitive skin.

And also among the product range of Picnic, you will find an electric fumigator that is universal for plates and liquids.

Precautionary measures

It is important to comply with safety techniques when using insecticides.

You should be careful when applying an aerosol, not to send it to the person so that the tool does not fall into the respiratory tract or in the eye. Before starting the application, the canch.

If any of the funds fell into the eye or mouth, it is necessary to wash the affected areas immediately.

All Picnic products must be stored in places inaccessible to children and pets.

It is impossible to heat the aerosol cans, since with the influence of high temperatures they can explode.

In no case do not spray the remedy near the open fire – it can lead to a fire.

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