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To destroy rodents in the premises of various purposes use mouselifiers. Such devices are designed to capture and kill mice. Tools from this series differ in the principle of work and performance.

Types and principle of operation

Mousetrap is called an automatic device, with which they catch small rodents. But you still need to lure the mouse trap. For this purpose, use bait. In an attempt to enjoy it, rodent activates the lever. The load drops, tilting the support or launching another trigger, as a result of rodent it turns out to be trapped.

There are several types of mousetrap, with which the pests can be caught.

Normal spring

The usual spring device designed to catch mice is considered classic. Its design provides for the presence of lever and springs equipped with a metal arc. Mouse attempts to pick up the delicacy lead to the fact that the trap works and beats her. Rodent dies from injuries.

There are devices for fishing equipped with teeth and spikes increasing mortality.

Minus such devices are associated with false activations, and agile mouses manage to get a bait and bounce, avoiding death.

Mousetrap cell

This type is a closed design in which the cell slam automatically. Bait put in the opposite entrance to the end. Penetrating inside, rodent closes a mousetrap and turns out to be locked. The pest does not remain unharmed.


In adhesive models, the surface covers a sticky substance. In the center put the delicacy for the pest. Rotating to him, rodent sticks. Minus such a device is that the mouse does not die immediately.


In appearance resembles a tunnel with a leaving upside down, the bait is located behind it. Feeling her fragrance, the mouse turns out inside, but faces a thread, through which it is impossible to get. Having a snack, rodent starts the spring, and the rope is delayed around it.


The advantages of crocodile mousetres consists in their effectiveness and ease. Simple design provides two plastic jaws. One of the jaws is functioning at the expense of a compressed spring. Its mechanism and activates the jaws after the occurrence of the slightest motion inside the mousetrap.

The bait prepared for the pest put in the “Lono” mousetrap. As soon as the rodent touches the trap, there is a sharp compression of the jaws, they kill their miniature sacrifice.


ELECTRICS FLOWER ELECTRICS. Rodent turned in them kills current charge. Its power is 8-12 thousand. IN. This is fraught with instant death of small pests. Devices function from the electrical network or batteries. There are models equipped with other options:

  • Indicator demonstrating whether there is a rodent inside;

  • Capacity for storing killed individuals.

There are several types of mousetrap.

When using any of them, the main thing is to remember that the deceased rodent is unacceptable to extract with bare hands. In mandatory, use gloves. You can take dead mice paper.

The better to embellish?

The presence of a mousetrap is not all in a successful struggle with the flooded house rodents. Inside the device designed to catch mice, you need to put a bait. The task is to properly charge the device. Bait can serve:

  • meat or slices of saline (meat are mixed with onions, recommended proportion 5: 1);

  • sausage;

  • dry bread (it is pre-wetted in sesame or unrefined vegetable oil);

  • fish;

  • Sdob.

Mouse always comes across such a bait. This is the best embarrassment for rodents capable of attracting them from all over the house. Bait put into the mousetrap center.

The bait must be fresh, contain a minimum number of chemical components, have a pronounced aroma. The presence of the smell of predatory animals and man is unacceptable.

Replacing bait must be performed every 3-7 days. It all depends on how many rodents in the building. The smell of food should not cause a premonition of danger from pests. Before using the mousetrap, adopt the non-crushed visitors by bait – it will form a habit of them.

According to professional deratizers engaged in the destruction of rodents, mice prefer vegetation. But also meat products they do not refuse to enjoy. If the pest is badly hungry, he even before a piece of fruit will not stand – pears or apples.

How to make a mousetrap with your own hands?

You can catch mice not only by store equipment, but also homemade. Try to make a device to destroy rodents from a bottle and other girlfriends.

Correctly designed homemade mousetres are the same effective as purchased.

Gravitational plastic trap

For the manufacture of gravitational mousetrap uses a plastic bottle. She is cut off her neck so that the mouse could be inside, and in the opposite end put the bait. The bottle is placed on the vertical surface so that it will hover over a third above the floor. The design is fixed to the pole with thread.

When the rodent penetration into the container, the one loses the balance and falls. Due to the rope, it does not reach the floor by hanging in the air. Rodent falls into the trap. So that he could not get out, the bottle from the inside is lubricated with sunflower oil.

From paper and buckets

The simplest trap can be made it from a bucket and paper. Wide paper sheet Cut the crosswise, moving towards edges. It is placed on the bucket. The handle must be fixed in a standing position, to the center attach the thread with bait. So that the rodent can penetrate into a mousetrap, it is combined with the floor with a plank.

In an attempt to get food, the mouse moves to the center of the bucket. Then penetrates under the paper. The material immediately acquires the initial position, due to which the device can be applied many times.

From the bottle

To construct a simple device for catching the mouse from the bottle, the top is cut from the tank. Gorelshko need to flip over and insert plastic containers. Use to fix clothespins, wire or glue.

Outdoor surface lubricate oil. Place the bargain on the bottom. In an attempt to get food, the mouse will slip into the container and will not be able to get out.


The most intricate version of the homemade device for fishing – Wooden adaptation. This is a bar in which a hole is made. It put oners, wire or cargo to kill rodent. The tunnel forms a series of holes combined with spring and thread to activate the design. This can be carried out in various ways:

  • lever movement;

  • Removing the huts from the hook;

  • snacking thread.

Mousetracks made of wood undesirable. Rodents can obey such a design that it is fraught with a damage.

From banks

To make such a trap, you will need a glass of glass and a dense cardboard. From it you need to cut the blank, similar to the letter “g”. To the long side, bind the bait and covered with a can on top. It should remain sufficient opening for penetration inside.

In an attempt to remove the bait, rodent will turn the part, and the container will cover it. Mousetrap disadvantage is high risk of random activations.


Simple mousetrap can make it easily.

Twist a paper sheet so that it turns out the sling of the tunnel, the length of which is 12 cm, with a diameter of the inlet 3.5-5 cm. Edges need to be glued.

With the help of a clip, fasten the design to obtain a flat bottom. Position on the table so that part of the tunnel was on the weight. Lock on the surface by Scotch.

Below install a large capacity. Walls need to melt so that the pest does not get out of the Western. Place a bait on the edge of the homemade mousetrap.

According to the principle of operation, such a trap resembles a west of plastic bottle. Penetrating into the tunnel, rodent will run out the paper and falls into the tank below.

The dignity of the paper trap is the simplicity of its creation and possibility of multiple use. So that she could catch a few mice, the bait is fixed at the bottom of the thread or with the help of a wire. Scotch cannot be used, he knocks the smell.

Mousetrap – an effective way to combat rodents.

How to make a simple mousetrap with your own hands, look in the following video.

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