All about mini-wind generators

Wind generators no longer represent anything exotic – now they are used and regarded as the best opportunity to save. In the article consider popular Models of mini-wind generators for home, features of their device and the principle of operation.


Even the mini-wind generator easily converts all the energy that the wind carries. Successful use of these installations has already proven themselves due to the fact that they can be used both in private houses, cottages and country buildings and in production and large factories.

Windmill to get electricity, do not need fuel and sun. It makes you think about how they work, and what suggestions there are on the device data market.

Another feature of the wind generator can be attributed to the fact that his Power directly depends on the size of the circle, which form its blades. If you increase its diameter by 2 times, then when saving the previous wind speed speed, which the generator will produce, will be 4 times more.

Principle of operation

The design and principle of operation of old windmills confidently moved to their modern followers – Wind power generators.

The strength of the wind, rotating the blade, makes the axis move to which these blades are attached, and it is already, in turn, moves gears and mechanisms inside the mill.

Nowadays, wind mills for the production of electricity are arranged almost the same, only Wind energy makes the rotor rotate.

Consider in more detail how the wind conversion in electricity.

  1. Primary shaft with a gearbox begins to rotate from the strength of the wind that pushes the blades and makes them perform momentum. Then the moment of rotation is transmitted to the rotor equipped with magnets. Thanks to such a sequence of actions in the stator ring, alternating current is formed.
  2. When generating electricity in such quantities, batteries are needed. In order to charge in safe mode, a current rectifier is required that avoids voltage jumps and increases battery life.
  3. To create the usual voltage of 220 V, from the batteries, the current is fed to the inverter, and then to the end consumers. So that the windmill always caught the strongest wind, set the tail, which turns the blades in the wind. All sorts of sensors allow modern models to have braking systems, folding and removing blades from wind blows.


Different types of windmills classified by the number of blades, according to the material from which these blades are made, in the stepping of the screw and another number of criteria. No matter how the generator rotation axis is, The principle of his work remains the same for any kind. But they are mainly separated by the choice of the axis or shaft.

  • Horizontal view. This is when the surface of the Earth is parallel to the axis of rotation of the generator.

  • Vertical view. This type of wind turbines, the rotating shaft is located perpendicular to the surface of the Earth, and the blades are located around it.

    Composite part of propeller or windwall Modern wind generators may consist of a different number of blades. The statement has already been recognized that propellers with the number of blades to three produce a large amount of current only with strong wind, while multilobathe wind generators can be content with small air flows.

    Review models

    The Russian market is characterized by a large range of wind generators. Before choosing, it is worth compare the characteristics of the presented models and options for their use. A variety of devices is a solid range in which there are small wind generators for home and products for industrial use of larger sizes.

    • Wind Generators Condor Home. Windmills are designed for use at home, power 0.5-5 kW. These stations are intended for use at low temperatures, as well as produce energy with weak wind gusts. Serve both the main and auxiliary source of electricity on the site.

    • Little Falcon Euro Power Station. Most often used in a complex with solar panels or other sources of energy in the event of a significant removal from power lines. The line of models is represented by technological windy generators mainly with vertical shafts with a capacity of 1-15 kW.

    • Sokol Air Vertical generators. Small wind installations are able to provide electricity both small houses and medium production buildings. Power station data is available with a capacity of 0.5-15 kW.

    • Wind generators Energy Wind. These windmills have proven remarkably as an excellent option for electrical deposits of residential buildings, cottages and residential buildings. There are both one-grade and three-sand models with different power – 1-10 kW.

    • Windmills altek ev. Country houses and cottage segments conquered these wind turbines with a horizontal rotation shaft. Rated power from 1 to 10 kW. Excellent for solving supply tasks Country areas.

    How to choose?

    To choose a wind power station, you need to decide on some items that will affect the decision. All calculations and similar calculations require much attention: you need to collect and process important information.

    1. It is necessary to calculate the maximum and minimum amount of electricity, which is enough for a comfortable provision of the object.
    2. Explore the wind indicators at different times of the year, to identify windless periods and understand what batteries need when the energy from the windmill needs to be replaced by something else.
    3. Take into account the first climatic and geographical characteristics of the region. In the event that there are strong freezers, the wind generator will be unprofiled.
    4. Well explore the market, make a comparison of the generators suitable for you from all manufacturers. And do not forget about such an indicator as noise when working wind generator.

    Full transition to such power plants for residential buildings at a considerable distance from the power line will not solve the problem. But maybe excellent alternative and output from the situation in certain situations, and sometimes the only way to provide electricity from your site. In order for the choice to be most justified, should be considered every characteristic – from sizes, noise level, battery capacity to the installation method necessary for wind speed and the amount of electricity produced.

    Read more about the wind generator, see the following video.

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