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Know everything about marble cladding is needed almost every person. This material is used to finish the walls and facades, facing marble is used for the inner decor of the house, fireplace and bathroom. But it is not enough to cover the surface with decorative material – a good care is required.


Marble cladding is steadily gaining popularity. This process was manifested even in Russia, where such a stone is not very popular and associated either with something from the front and solemn, or with cemetery monuments. But if you contact the firm offering marble facing services, or try to fulfill this work yourself, it will be quickly discovered that in fact there is not one, but several material options.

In the presence of solid funds, the natural marble coating is usually ordered. Such a stone is environmentally clean, and each of his sample is unique. Marble coloring varies in very wide limits. Known red, pink, gray, white and black varieties. However, the rock can also have:

  • yellow;
  • beige;
  • Brown;
  • black;
  • Green colors.

The difference between similar varieties of the material is associated not only with the color decision by itself, but also with the characteristics of the surface. Dark colors are characterized by excellent practicality. Lack of gloss allows you to freely apply the floor coating material. Light marble mainly on the walls, facades and ceiling. No one prohibits using it for both sex, but it will require more careful care.

To cover the floors, it is usually used even more thick material than for walls. This is due to the difference in the permissible load on the designated surface. An alternative to natural common marble is usually. According to its aesthetic properties, it completely coincides with the natural analogue. The minus turns out to be weaker mechanical resistance – because of this, they do not advise the floor with artificial marble.

But this material is very racks to moisturizing. It can be calmly handled (clean) with water. Liquid pollution do not absorb artificial marble. However, the surface protective layer is susceptible to strong wear, and therefore the competent care is very important. Artificial marble will serve with a neat circulation of at least 20 years, and it is mounted very quickly. Since blocks are easy, there is no need to pre-strengthen the surface. Rational care will preserve not only mechanical, but also decorative qualities of coating, including its coloring. It is also worth noting:

  • resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • low impact resistance;
  • Available (in comparison with the natural analog) price.

An artificial marble is isolated in a separate category, including crumbs of natural stone. Such material is customary to refer to conglomerate. Externally, it looks very luxurious and very interesting in visual terms. It is impossible “to the eye” to distinguish from natural marble. There is no special difference in the order of installation. It is even easier to work, because Conglomerate is easier and does not force the wall.

It is also worth noting the growing demand for marble crumb. It is mounted even easier than other listed options. Special powder gets, mixing glue with crushed agglomerate.

Marble crumb features an impressive variety of shades. With it, you can form a practically unlimited surface coating.

In favor of this material also testify:

  • The possibility of a combination of various tones;
  • resistance to moisturizing;
  • practicality;
  • zero absorption of odors (baby is suitable even for kitchen zone);
  • long period of operation;
  • weariness;
  • resistance even an open flame;
  • Resistance when exposed to temperature differences.

Application of marble in interior decoration


Decorative marble wall decoration in the bathroom – extremely attractive idea. This coating is perfectly suitable for the flooring. The main emphasis is on the uniqueness and complexity of the invoice. Depending on the selected design concept, light and dark type of material can be applied. In modern bathrooms, a coating with straight lines is welcomed. In old-fashioned and simply exquisite interiors, a more popular solution will be the use of marble made by a variety of streaks.

Minus marble in the bathroom, however, it turns out not only the high price, as usual thinks. Many of its types contain iron, and it may well rust. It immediately spoils the whole aesthetic effect. Special sealants and other care measures come to the rescue, however, it is laborious and quite expensive.

In addition, a number of active care products may damage marble coverage.

Living room

In this room, facing marble is also quite appropriate. With a skillful selection, he will demonstrate the delicate taste of the owners and will not create the impression of some desire for excessive pathos. In the marble living room often draw fires. This technique allows you to significantly increase their aesthetic appeal. Composite marble structures look luxurious and noble, stall tolerate even spilled effervescent drinks.

Stone finish well fits and for works of art. Marble becomes an excellent frame for paintings or surroundings for decorative items. True, you will have to pick it up with a big analysis, and in the same way place, emphasizing the strengths of the room. In one of the decor options, it means the formation of whole marble walls, which will harmoniously enter any interior and create a sense of real luxury. Slightly less expensive, but still gorgeously perceived columns and slopes from marble.


The design of the kitchen space marble is not only beautiful, but also comfortably and functionally. As already mentioned, this stone is perfect in a variety of interiors. The kitchen can be separated by cast marble, known for its natural composition and pricing. This material makes sinks (washers) and countertops, capital windowsills and a number of other items. Martium marble:

  • easy to repair;
  • exploited quite long;
  • is not a source of radiation;
  • can be performed almost in any arbitrary form;
  • insufficient racks to temperature fluctuations and substantial loads;
  • collapsed when contact with abrasives.

Regardless of the choice of natural or artificial marble into the kitchen, special attention should be paid to its colors. It should be extremely careful to the use of dark tones, especially different saturation. Their unlimited use will create a feeling of visual severity. Much more correctly complement with dark paints dominant light filling. White marble products will help visually expand space, avoid the loss of appearance helps special coatings.

On the floor, walls or in the area of ​​the apron often use tiles, imitating marble. It has an impressive variety of performances and ornaments. If the coating is laid out correctly, the bodies are joined, forming the imitation of the solid slab. It also is also permissible, the combination of marble of two contrasting tones, when the streaks of one section correspond to the main shade of the second section.

Attention! Glossy marble cladding can make a reflected light, so it is important to approach the lighting thoughtfully.

Facing facade

Marble can be used not only for internal, but also for outdoor walls, and even for base. To choose exactly a specific solution, if you consider:

  • landscape features;
  • type of building;
  • surrounding architecture and nature;
  • climatic parameters;
  • Thermal and acoustic characteristics of stone.

Real marble facades in the Russian climate (even on the warmth of the Black Sea coast) are impractical. Much more often you can meet their imitation based on other materials. So, quite many people prefer an inkerman stone or Crimean limestone. If the real marble is chosen, then you must additionally decide preference:

  • modular finishing plates;
  • mosaic;
  • Slabs of large magnitude;
  • Chipped stone.


Marble, like granite, must be applied to the base as close as possible. Even a small emptiness can spoil all the case. The floor is poured, and on top of the heating system, the bulk floor is mounted. Marble, unlike granite, can not be mounted on uneven surfaces. The glue is selected taking into account the colors of the stone and the seams, and the tile is put with a strictly given compensation seam.

The larger the tiles, the worse the calibration and above the mounting errors. Even more problems may arise with Slabami. Sometimes even surrender them to improve geometry.

Interlacing is also carried out to create a sense of the generated sex and other original effects. Secure the marble plate on the wall can only with the help of special adhesive compositions, after thorough preparation for extension of adhesion.

Press the plates are vigorously, but without any shift. All seams should go strictly by direct vertical and horizontal lines, unless other installation scheme is not selected. Sew after laying relies from 22 to 25 hours. Immediately after drying, the seams are watched by white portland cement. When it freezes a little (it will take 10 – 12 minutes), the mass is moisturized and compacted with tissue or burlap. Excess grouts better remove.

Material care

Natural marble can be very damaged by alcohol, lemon juice, tomato sauce and other oxidizing agents. In addition to protecting against them, you will have to abandon both bleach. The most reliable and safe method of cleaning – wipe water wrap using soft tissue. If you need to cope with stains, you have to use a soap solution.

Effective disguise stains and consequences of erosion is achieved by monthly treatment with special sealant. Fatty spots are cleaned with ammonia or mineral alcohols. Organic blockages will display hydrogen peroxide. Rust remove compressions. Water spots – emery.

In the next video you are waiting for cladding of wall marble.

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