All about Hyundai gasoline generators

Hyundai is known worldwide due to its cars and trucks that are actively used in the commercial industry. However, not every person knows that Gasoline generators are also present in the manufacturer’s line.

Despite the fact that the Korean company entered this market relatively recently, she managed to establish himself from a positive side and gain popularity among customers.


Hyundai benzogenerators are distinguished by high quality and reliability. The range of power plants operating on gasoline is represented by various rules. Each model is designed to provide need for a specific sector. The actual line of the manufacturer looks like this.

  • Welding – devices that are used during the connection of welding equipment, as well as during this kind of work. On the market you can find versions that are equipped with both gasoline and diesel power plants. A distinctive feature of such stations is that they are able to issue a current, the strength of which is 190 amps, due to which it is possible to obtain high-quality seam at the output.

  • Professional Series – The devices that are used today among professional professionals. Due to its reliability and strength, such devices are actively used in construction. When buying it is worth considering that gasoline generators from the professional series are able to work only from a three-phase network.

  • Home Series – Mobile electrical stations that are actively used in living conditions. It should be noted that such devices operate on 92th gasoline, and can also boast excellent efficiency and high level of comfort when working.

  • Inverter generators, which are simply indispensable during the work of high-precision systems.

Review models

Hyundai produces a huge number of petrol generators that differ in their functionality and price. Among the most popular and demanded on the market can be noted such.

  • HHY3000F – This model is a universal power source, which is considered an ideal solution for use at home. In addition, the functionality of the device allows you to use it even at the construction site. The model is equipped with a power plant capable of issuing 7 horsepower. The power of the electrical installation is 3 kW, and the autonomous work is limited to 15 hours.

  • HHY3010F – The model is almost no different from the previous version, except for more compact tank. Thanks to this, the unit can boast more mobility, but differs at the time of the smaller autonomy time. Built-in engine gives 7 horsepower.

  • HHY960A – Mobile gasoline generator intended for use in living conditions. In addition, the strength and reliability of the aggregate make it possible to use it during turcomers. At rated power in 1 kW and the presence of a four-liter tank, the generator can work for about 10 hours.

  • HHY2500F – One of the most popular in the market of Korean production models. Designed for use as the main power source. The unique features of the device make it an optimal choice for household needs. With the power of 3 kW, a gasoline station is able to work for about 8 hours. For the hour of work, the generator consumes 2 liters of fuel, which makes it one of the most economical in its class. Among distinguishing benefits, the presence of a voltage stabilization system can be distinguished, as well as a fuse.

How to choose?

In order for the Hyundai gasoline generator to fulfill functions assigned to it, you need to pay close attention to the process of choice. First of all, it is necessary answer the question why he is needed and what will be the alleged load. Depending on its purpose, electrical generators can be Household and professional. Basically similar devices Different with their power, which in household models can be up to 4 kW, and professional – up to 30 kW.

In addition, aggregates are distinguished by the time of autonomous work, which at household models is much higher.

While choosing a suitable gasoline generator Hyundai close attention should also be paid to Device power. In order to correctly calculate the necessary power, it is worth calculating how much instruments will connect to the generator and how much energy will need for their work. An important role in the process of choice has Type of installed power installation. Hyundai is used Gasoline two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The first option is considered an optimal solution for devices that differ in the minimum power, since it consumes the minimum amount of fuel. In addition, such devices are extremely easy to use and can be launched even at low temperatures.

Four-stroke power units Used in powerful stations that can boast an impressive work resource. However, it is necessary to take into account that oil in such models comes separately, so it’s extremely difficult to start such an aggregate with severe frosts. In the process of choosing a gasoline generator Hyundai also Important Cooling System. It can be both air and water. More preferred is the second option, since such stations are able to work almost without interruptions.

However, water cooling is characterized by a more complex design, which complicates the repair process at breakage. Typically, such a system is equipped with a gas benzogenerator with autorun.

Thus, Hyundai gasoline generators are different high quality, reliability and durability. Due to its affordable price and functionality, the company’s device is in high demand in the market.

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