Advantages and disadvantages of the “I Facade” system

“I am facade” – these are the front panels produced by the Russian Grand Line company specializing in the production of facing structures for low-rise and cottage construction in Europe and the Russian Federation. Panels possess texture, imitating stone and brick, thanks to which are a popular solution in the private sector.


To compare with competing materials for lining houses: vinyl siding, stone (no matter, natural or not), baseline siding, and also Metal siding and professional flooring, the “Facade” panels have a number of indisputable advantages.

  • The “Facade” panels may not be simply smooth, but textured. So, they will be able to fully replace and imitate brick or stone masonry. Modern metal siding are also produced by perforated or having coloring under natural textures, but are not a complete imitation of natural materials.

  • Painting panels will be durable: it is not washed away and does not fade under the rays of the sun. In the manufacture of panels, professional dyes are used for the guaranteed result.
  • The company provides a lifelong guarantee of the quality of its products to a number of essential characteristics. “I am a facade” is the only brand of external finishing materials that uses such warranty conditions. In order for them to be performed, the following factors are needed: the storage and transportation of panels were carried out in accordance with the recommendations and rules of the manufacturer, were used only for direct purpose, and the installation was carried out by builders with a license and subject to instruction manual.

  • With the designs of “Facade” you can not be afraid of wind. For installation, a special castle with the speaking name “Antismerch” is used. Siding attached with such a system to the walls, the wind is not terrible, moving at a speed of up to 240 and even 250 m / s.
  • Such designs are quite cheap. The price of one square meter of production “I am Facade”, if you look at the average price level in stores, less than one and a half – two times than the price of traditional siding, and taking into account the installation will cost two or even three times cheaper than cladding a stone ( No matter, natural or artificial).

Types of products and their specifications

Mark is focused on Russian architectural traditions, putting the traditional Russian estate in the standard of the appearance of the house, and offers three types of products, in the names of which such a concept is reflected.

  • “Crimean slate”. Imitates the relief of the raw stone and careless, as if “on an ambulance”, masonry, which does not become unclear.
  • “Demidovsky Brick”. Creates an impression carefully and thoroughly laid stone tiles. The easiest version of the brand designs.
  • “Catherine Stone”. This is the most expensive brand collection. Looking at the facade made using such a design, you will see carefully worked bricks, as if made by hand.

Storage and Transport Conditions

The manufacturer highlights pretty tough, but reasonable conditions for the storage and transportation of their products. The fulfillment of these conditions is required in order for the design of the warranty.

Panels and their components need to be stored in closed rooms, well ventilated and with reduced air humidity. In addition, it is necessary to avoid direct rays of the sun in order to avoid the appearance with the time of individual colored spots on the facade and the effects of heating devices so that the material deformation does not occur. Products are required solely in the manufacturer packaging.

Transportation is also made exclusively in closed containers and in corporate packaging, otherwise damage to the decorative part of the design. In addition, they should be well fixed in the body of the cargo transport. To throw and bend the panel is also not allowed.


Panels are quite light, so engineers will not have to further revise the drawings of your home to make adjustments under the weight of the cladding. For comparison: the weight of the stone facade will be 20 times to exceed the weight of the “I Facade” panels. If you decide to build a frame house, where every kilogram on the account, it is worth choosing exactly the light version of the facing. In addition, it allows you to purchase cheaper fasteners without loss of quality.

Wpanels does not require big skill workers. It is easy and fast, for example, compared with the installation of a stone facade, where independent work on the improvement of the appearance of the house is simply impossible, and the cost of services of professional masonry is very large. Thus, it can be saved not only on materials, but also on the installation.

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that the products under this brand appeared relatively recently, the first reviews she has already managed to get.

Buyers like how their house is transformed after installing panels: successfully selected texture, color and size. They note that the completed image in the spirit of Russian estates is really created.

People are also attracted by the price: Panels “Facade”, although it is more expensive than the usual panels, but still much cheaper the cladding of the stone, which they perfectly imitate.

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